Hatton Country Park: Day Trip with the Family

You may remember from this post, that I mentioned a day trip to Hatton Country Park with the family this weekend. It was mainly for the benefit of my two youngest sisters to see Father Christmas in his Grotto and play in the new play area. But I must admit I enjoyed it very much.
Charlotte on tractor
It was a pretty cold day, but nothing several layers of clothing couldn’t deal with. We started the trip by seeing Santa in his Grotto. But as it is with my nutty sisters, they were terrified of him and refused to go anywhere near him. Instead they stood at the other side of the room and coyly answered his questions. It was very amusing. Still, they were very pleased with their little pressies and Charlotte was excited to name all the Reindeer on the little quiz they had given us.
Kids with presents
Pressies from Father Christmas
We stopped for lunch in the ginormous new play area. It was such a huge climbing frame type-thingie that the girls dragged me with them, and as Annabelle is only 3 years old, we didn’t want her climbing around this huge obstacle course unattended. So I whipped my wellies off and I was crawling through nets, scrambling up ladders and swinging on ropes. It was thoroughly exhausting and excellent silly fun. The girls were loving it.
In the play pen
Sisters! (Yes, we all have different hair colour)
But, darkness was approaching quickly, as it does in December at 3.30 in the afternoon. So we raced around the farm area in search of these wooden Reindeer paintings, encountering lots of lovely farm animals on the way. Alas, we completely missed them all, but we did find some trampolines, and the girls spent lots of time jumping away and I enjoyed snapping away on my camera.
Scary Ram running towards us 
Muddy Pig
Charlotte on trampoline
Charlotte Jumping 
Annabelle on portrait
Annabelle Jumping
Eventually we found the hidden reindeer in the Guinea Pig enclosure where we also found some feed to give them. The girls loved this too.
Feeding time
Feeding Guinea Pigs 
Feeding Guinea Pigs
More Guinea Pig Feeding
By this point it was pitch black, so we popped into the sweet shop to treat ourselves to some fudge, fizzy cola bottles and spaceships, before clambering into the car and singing Christmas Carols at the top of our lungs the whole way home.
Have you enjoyed any family Christmas outing yet?
  1. Too cute… your wee sisters are adorable and have you have an excuse to go into the kids' play area – I am v jealous! (darn my wee sis for being in her 20s!!)

  2. Love that you call them wee sisters – funny Scottish people! Haha.

    They are really lovely little (wee) girls, and lots of fun, if somewhat noisy. ;-)And yes, excellent excuse to relive kiddies stuff. I get to go on bouncy castles, trampolines, play dens – everything. So much fun!

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