Travel News: I’m Heading Back To Thailand

It’s confirmed! I am heading back to one of my most visited countries this September, I am going to Thailand for 2 whole weeks and I am super excited and nervous about it.

When the Thai tourist board got in touch about a gastronomy tour they are organising in Thailand and Malaysia I jumped at the chance to visit again. I love the Southeast Asian region, and I have extra love for the food there!

I will be going on a guided gastronomy tour around Bangkok and Ayutthaya before flying down to Malaysia for a further food tour around Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. All that in just 4 days.

Phew! I’m going to have a massive belly by the end of this trip.

food in thailand

As I am in the vicinity I decided to extend my trip to two weeks to make the most of it. I will be flying out to Bangkok earlier so I have a couple of extra days there to visit my friends and go back to some of my favourite spots in the city.

I will also stay an extra week after the gastronomy tour so that I can fly up to Chiang Mai for 4 days before finally spending my last 2 days in Bangkok (to do lots of shopping!).

It’s going to be quite emotional going back to Chiang Mai as it is a city I have spent a lot of time in over the last 10 years. It’s the place where I met Raj, and where we went back to live for a couple of months in 2014-2015.

Whilst I’m there I will be checking out a spa hotel, visiting some temples and the night bazaar.

Elephants Thailand
Visiting the elephants at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Plus, I’m going back to Elephant Nature Park to see the elephants again. Finally I’m going to do another cooking school experience and no doubt I’ll be eating all of the Kao Soi Gai I can find.

It’s a strange feeling – on the one hand I’m excited to be going back to Thailand as I have been hankering to go for a while, but on the other hand I feel weird/sad that Raj isn’t coming with me.

I haven’t done a longer solo trip since I met Raj so this is going to be weird. My initial feelings are that I feel uncomfortable about it. However, I spent many years doing solo travel before I met Raj. Really, I should be ok.

lotus thailand

I think this trip will be good for me. It’s a chance to capture what I love about Thailand and share with you guys here on my blog. And it’s also the chance to push myself back out of the comfort zone that being in a long-term relationship affords.

For whatever reason I always seem to end up drawn back to Thailand … since 2008 I have been visiting this gorgeous country and it’s going to be quite the adventure to head back out there again next month.

I will, of course, be sharing all about the trip here on Rosalilium. For live updates I will sharing my adventures on my Instagram stories.

Wish me luck! And sawasdee-ka!



  1. excited to be on part of this trip with you!!! I have never been to Thailand so this will be my first taster!

  2. I hope you realise the many horrors of the animal tourist attractions especially those in Thailand. I think you should explain to your readers fully the place you intend to visit & make a point about the horrors of this type of tourist/ travel attraction But hey your a blogger right, who cares as long as your there and someone else pays!

    1. Hi Pip Jones,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Might I respectfully suggest you do research before making accusations at me? And possibly research the place I mentioned?

      The Elephant Nature Park is in fact a sanctuary that rescues elephants who have forced and tortured to work in both the tourism and logging industry. It’s a charity that raises money to rescue these poor animals so that they might live out the rest of their lives away from that torture. The tourism dollar from visiting the Elephant Nature Park goes directly into feeding these mighty creatures the several tonnes of food the require to eat every single day, as well as raising more money to rescue more elephants from violence.

      Furthermore, the staff at Elephant Nature Park have been a force for raising awareness about the ethical issue around elephant tourism within Thailand and Southeast Asia at wide.

      I have written extensively about this since my previous visit to the sanctuary in 2015 as well as been regularly vocal about being against riding elephants.
      Here is a post I wrote on this blog in March 2015 —>
      Here is the post I wrote on my travel blog —>
      And here is a link to Elephant Nature Park —> You might notice that at Elephant Nature Park they also rescue and take care of buffaloes, dogs, cats, goats, and various other animals. They are the kind of organisation who literally practice what they preach and take care of animals in need.

      Furthermore, thanks to the work they do with tourists they gave me invaluable insight into the actual plight of elephants working in the tourism industry. They are a fantastic organisation.

      Might I suggest that next time you would like to make a rude comment on somebody’s blog, and put a dampener on their good news, that you fact check first?

      Meanwhile, I will continue to share my recommendation with my readers, as I do so regularly, to NOT ride elephants on their holidays.

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