Hometown (a day trip to London)

Last weekend I popped down to London to check out the Renegade Craft Fair. It was rad. I have been wanting to go every year for the past three years and missed out for some reason or other. So I was determined to make it down there this year. I was so happy I did, the fair was filled with so much awesome and I now have a wishlist as long as my arm!

On the train to London

I ended up having a 13 year old tagging along with me. She wanted in on the outing to London and I was happy to have the company (the boyf had wandered off to some watch exhibition instead).

waiting for the tube

We took the tube over to Liverpool Street station and walked through Spitalfields over to the Old Truman Brewery for the fair. Not before stopping to grab some street food, we were ravenous!

Renegade London

The Renegade Craft Fair was filled with over 100 stalls of craft awesomeness. It was brilliant. The lil sis and I spent over an hour wandering through each aisle taking in every stall. We were tempted way too many times.

Shopping at Renegade Craft FairBellwethererElla Masters

I got to meet the lovely Ella Masters for the first in person. We’ve known each other through blogging for years. My sister thought it was nuts when I introduced her and said “and I’ve only just met Ella having known her for years through the internet”. Yey for the internet!

Also get to see but missed out on meeting Claire from The Bellwether. She was too popular and surrounded by people! Also got to have a quick catch up with Kim from Finest Imaginary which was rad (sadly my photo didn’t come out of her stall, but we all know it was rad).

I got to see so much creativity and awesome. I bought a couple of little things and made a really long list of stuff I want to buy really soon. Just need to make lots of money asap!Fox

tea towel

Number 7 Harrods

Afterwards we went for hot chocolate in Spitalfields Market with my friend who came out to meet us. We had a catch up and a natter before heading over to Knightsbridge to meet the boyf at Harrods.


I absolutely adore the decadent, opulent decor inside Harrods. It truly is something special. We wandered around getting lost for a really long time before hanging out in the Food Hall (obviously!) and picking up some posh pie.


I then made a beeline for the Laduree concession to treat myself to some Macarons. It almost reminded me of my birthday in Paris this year (but not quite).

Wong Kei

Then we hotfooted it up the Piccadilly line to Soho to have dinner at one of my all time favourites, Wong Kei. Seriously, don’t bother with the posh, expensive chinese food in Chinatown, just head to Wong Kei. I take EVERYONE there when they come to London. When I lived in London I went there at least once a month. It’s so cheap and tasty. And no fuss. It’s ideal for the end of a night out when you want hot, tasty food. I recommend the Cold Crispy Pork on Hot Rice. It’s AMAZING. The chilli jam on the tables in this place it delicious too. However, I was disappointed this time as they had just sold out of crispy pork when we got there so I had to have barbecued pork instead. It was still really good. I just need to get back there for my crispy pork fix soon.

On the way home

And then we caught one of the last trains home. We were all really sleepy but had a fun-filled day in London.

It’s hard not to have fun in London really. There’s always something there to do.


P.S. this counts as my Hometown post for Blog Every Day in November because I was born in London so it counts as my hometown.

  1. Awhh glad u had fun, sounds like a fab time!I was desperate to go to renegade after keep missing it, two of my favourites were there: hellododo and designosaur. Which designer was the one in black n white theme in the pic about harrods? It looks amazing!xx

  2. Oooh, lovely craft fair!!!! Like the funky things you can pick up at Sunday Upmarket!! I love Wong Kei’s!!! They throw the food at you!!! My Head of Sixth form took me along with him to eat lunch there when he took our History class to London on a trip. Everyone else wanted McDonalds but I didn’t want that, so he suggested I come to Wong Kei’s!! It was really nice food!x

  3. Do you come down to London a lot? So nice to see fellow bloggers enjoying all that London has to offer! The little fox at the craft fair is so cute too! Is the Renegade craft fair on once each year?

    Melissa x

  4. God, Renegade sounds utterly amazing! I only recently realised that is was coming to London so I wasn’t organised enough to get myself there, but I’d love to get along to one in the future. This is such a lovely post.

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