Hotel La Tour: High Tea for Two

Hotel La Tour is the super-hip luxury indie hotel in Birmingham. It has beautiful contemporary design and the restaurant has a stunning menu. I was invited along this week to try out the new summer version of the High Tea in their Alvar Bar and I am pleased to say it was an excellent afternoon of treats (read to the end of the post for the special reader offer … oooh!).


I took the lovely Emily along as my date for the afternoon and we had a long leisurely chat over cocktails, mini sandwiches, scones and cake. It was perfectly charming, exactly what you would expect from a High Tea.

Hotel La Tour Cocktail

The menu has some summer inspiration including some delicious tea coolers – I had the peppermint, Emily has the raspberry and elderflower. There is a special cocktail honouring the new Prince George, it was a delicious sweet boozy blend and served in a gorgeous cut crystal glass.

The High Tea consists of a selection of sandwiches, a welsh rarebit dip with crispy bread, scones with jam and cream and then a selection of handmade desserts. The standard of food was fantastic. And being the picky thing that I am I had to ask for my sandwiches without butter. But with service on top form the staff at Hotel La Tour were more than willing to accommodate my fussiness. They made up a fresh batch of sandwiches just for me without any cheese or butter. They even provided me with a special pot of fresh houmous with caramelised onion in place of the welsh rarebit cheesy dip. Now that is brilliant service.

Sandwiches at Hotel La Tour

Emily was rather pleased that I am a non-cheese-er, she said the Welsh Rarebit was incredible. Highly recommend to the cheese loving folks out there! I can also recommend the non-cheese alternative (great for vegans) the houmous had a wonderful contrasting texture of smoothness coupled with some toasted whole chickpeas and a generous topping of caramelised onion jam.

Scones at Hotel La Tour

The selection of sandwiches were super fresh and worked surprisingly well with the delicious cocktail, The Little Prince. For the scones course there were both plain and fruit scones accompanied with strawberry jam and clotted cream. And then the incredible selection of desserts, phew! They look impressive right?! Well, they tasted impressive too. From left to right in the photo you will see a Pannacotta with Berries and Cucumber, Blackberry Jammie Dodger, Lemon Sponge with Lime Butter Icing and a Strawberry and Chocolate Macaroon. I mentioned in the FutureFoodies post that I was super-impressed with the Pastry Chef at Hotel La Tour, and I am so happy to confirm that she is consistently good.

Hotel La Tour Desserts

We were so stuffed by the end of our tea. It’s amazing how a selection of food like this can be so filling. But we left feeling very well fed indeed, which for just under £20 a head is a very good deal indeed. Hoorah!

Alvar Bar

As we left I took some snaps of the area we sat for High Tea. It’s a sumptuous, warm and contemporary area perfect for lounging in over a long High Tea. It really was a delightful setting for the afternoon. I would be keen to go back again.


Now, here’s the fun bit for YOU! Hotel La Tour have a special offer on Rosalilium readers. If you fancy trying out the High Tea at Hotel La Tour this August just mention this blog and you will get yourself a free glass of fizz on the house. Hoorah!

Check out the Hotel La Tour website for more details.

Please note: this offer is only valid for the month of August 2013. 


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