How I Got Into Blogging

Today I share my story of how I got into blogging via the medium of vlogging (please excuse the still, it is hardly the most flattering!). I have decided to take part in the VEDA project (Vlog Every Day in August). But I came to the project late and have only succeeded in doing a couple of vlogs so far. It’s the taking part that counts though, right? So hear my story by watching the video here, and if you want to see my other videos you can subscribe to my Rosaliliumtv channel on Youtube.


I want to hear your stories too! Tell me how you got into blogging.

Were you inspired by another Blogger? Did you feel compelled to share your life? Or is there another reason?

  1. I wanted to blog for ages but only got into it when I was asked to blog as part of my teacher training course work. My teaching blog has become really successful o fingers crossed I can make a success of my craft blog – .

  2. Well done on the vlogging front love! I wouldn’t know where to start and would probably scare the viewers if I did. You on the other hand look and sound great. I think vlogging helps to connect with your readers.
    I got into blogging haphazardly when my good friend said “what you’re a freelance writer and you don’t ahve a blog? – sort it out”. It was great advice though I knew nothing about the blogosphere at the time. Two years later and I still love writing mine as well as reading all the other blogs I’ve discovered.

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