How To Cut Your Own Hair

How To Cut Your Own Hair

You know, I really did enjoy my last haircut, which for someone who hates getting their haircut is kinda a big deal. But as I’m taking a break from the colour and sucking up the noticeable grey hairs (hello thirties!) I really could not afford, nor justify, the huge price tag of getting my hair cut at a salon.

I just needed a simple trim in a straight line across the end of my hair. Not too difficult given my hair is kinda thin anyway.

So instead of going for a £60 haircut I chose to pop down to Boots to buy these hair-cutting scissors for just £8 and just do it myself.

And being a blogger/vlogger type person I figured it might be kind of fun to share the experience. Would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!

In the end it was a simple case of snipping along in as much of a straight line a I could manage. I think it turned out ok. Sure, I didn’t get the super-relaxing head massage and pampering sesh like you do at a hairdressers. But at least I’ve saved myself some pennies. Hoorah!

Watch the video below or over on my YouTube channel.

  1. I totally hacked off three inches of hair last night. I used a slightly different method, pulling my hair up towards the top of my forehead in layers, securing it with a band and chopping off there. I might have also done it with fabric scissors, my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy but it looks fine.

  2. I cut my own fringe once – total disaster! It was about 1-2cm long and really wonky. Never again. You’ve done a much better job with yours.

    I do cut everyone else’s hair in the house so I going out to a salon for mine is my reward for doing that 🙂

  3. Great Video. I cut my fringe every couple of weeks. The more often I tried, the better I got. But I haven’t tried to cut the rest of my hair, yet. Maybe I should give it a go.

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