How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Pinterest

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Pinterest

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive when giving my Pinterest talks is ‘how do I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog (or website)?’

Of course, Pinterest is great for branding and building your presence as a blogger. And of course, Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration for your blog. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, us bloggers would like as many people as possible to read our blogs. We want the traffic.

Now, you might have heard that Pinterest is phenomenal for blog traffic. I for one do get a significant proportion of traffic coming from Pinterest to Rosalilium.

So let’s talk about how to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Pinterest

1. Optimise Your Images

I repeat this over and over again, but remember that Pinterest is a visual platform so you want to make sure you are providing the best possible images you can for your readers to pin onto their Pinterest boards and to draw the attention of people scrolling through Pinterest.

This means, using big, bright, clear photos in portrait aspect and try to add some text overlay that describes the pin the content it is linked to.

2. Get Descriptive

The longer, more detailed descriptions that go with the pins are much more effective. So when you add your own pins on Pinterest write a good description covering what it is in the image as well as the content in the blog post. This will help the pin show up in search results on Pinterest.

3. Write Something Helpful

Many pinners use Pinterest to find information, to discover new ways of doing things. So offer helpful and informative advice. It could be anything from a beauty tutorial to a recipe or even how to clean out your garage.

4. Write a List

The internet loves lists. Whether we like it or not, Buzzfeed has taken over the internet and people love a good list post.

5. Add Rich Pins

Check out my tutorial here, by adding rich pins you enable Pinterest to show extra branded information about a pin no matter who pins an image from your blog.

6. Use the Analytics

Hopefully you have converted to a business account (if not, do it! It’s free) so make use of the free analytics to see which pins from your blog are performing well. Build upon your analytics data to produce more content that will be popular on Pinterest.

7. Think Evergreen

Remember that content on Pinterest is evergreen. So think seasonally when create new content. Promote and pin older posts from your blog that would be relevant to upcoming trends, seasons and holidays. And most importantly, have a degree of patience … sometimes pins take a little while to take off and come back into circulation.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

In the meantime read my previous Pinterest posts to help you make the most of Pinterest as a blogger.

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  1. Read your post then checked you out on Pinterest. Wow, your follower numbers really speak for themselves. Will look at my boards with your tips in mind and see how I can apply them 🙂 #BrilliantBlogPosts

  2. Thanks for the info, what are rich pins? I’m getting to grips with pinterest and seeing a tiny bit of traffic from it but as always would like more #brilliant-blog-posts

  3. Some great advice, I have only just created an account so iam really new to it. Will take your advice on board, thank you 🙂


  4. This is great! I’ve started using Pinterest for my blog but I know I don’t put enough effort into it. Yet I do still get occasional traffic, so I’m sure that if I started using these tips I’d generate more. Just need to get on with it!

  5. Hi Elizabeth, this winter I want to try and get Pinterest right, I’ve heard how it can work wonders for getting people to a blog, I’ve just not put the time or effort into it.

    I am sure your posts on Pinterest will come in handy when I do get round to it, at the moment I’m working on getting the hang of Twitter.


  6. I keep saying this, but I need to get a Pinterest plan, perhaps you can lend me a few extra hours a day…I never seem to find the time. But find the time I must, thanks for these great tips to get me going!

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