How To Increase Your Following on Pinterest

How To Increase Your Pinterest Following

One of the most common questions I am asked as a Pinterest UK Ambassador is ‘how do I increase my following on Pinterest?’. So today I want to address that question and offer a few ideas to help you on your Pinterest journey.

Before we go into any tips or techniques I first want you to ask why you want more followers on Pinterest?

Is it because you want a higher social stat? Do you want more engagement on your pins? Are you hoping an increase in following will lead to more clickthroughs to your website? Or are just hoping to share your incredible taste with as many people as possible?

You see, the thing with Pinterest followers is that it doesn’t matter as much as you might think. That’s not to say it doesn’t matter at all. Just not as much.

If we thinking about visibility on Pinterest the most important thing to remember about the platform is that it has a cyclical feed and works as a search engine rather than a social network. This means your pins are just as likely to be seen by another use through their use of the search facility than if they were a follower scrolling through their feed.

If you are following some best practice tips for your pins and creating an inviting Pinterest profile with a mix of content and categories you will generally see a steady increase in followers. That’s the simplest answer.

But you’re here because you want a little more depth.

How to increase your following on Pinterest

1. Remember that Pinterest is a ‘taste platform’

Unlike social networks such as Twitter of Facebook where you connect with people you know or want to know, Pinterest is about following people who have tastes and interests that match your own. The clearer your interests and aesthetic your overall Pinterest profile is, the more likely you’ll attract followers.

2. Categorise your boards

Go to edit board and make sure your boards are listed under the most relevant category. Add a detailed description about the board and ensure the title of the board is specific. This will help both your pins and boards display in the right searches other users make on Pinterest.

3. Shout it out

How many of your followers, readers, network know that you have Pinterest account? Let people know that they can follow you on Pinterest with the occasional tweet, update or share.

4. Follow likeminded Pinners

Find people with similar interests, tastes, projects or boards to your own.

5. Repin other people pins

Share the Pinterest love by pinning interesting, exciting or beautiful images that fit your brand/profile aesthetic.

6. Create seasonal content

Add boards with a specific seasonal purpose such as Halloween, Christmas, Summer Holidays, etc.

7. Add the Pinterest follow widget to your blog/website

You can choose to display a widget of your entire profile or pin feed or select a favourite board to share with your readers.

Follow Elizabeth {rosalilium / awesomewave}’s board Travel | Amazing Europe on Pinterest.

8. Engage using comments

Regularly comment on other people’s pins with thoughtful or encouraging comments. It’s preferable if you can add value or begin a conversation to increase engagement in return.

9. Create a group board

Choose a relevant topic to create a group board and invite your peers to join you on pinning on a regular basis. Consider giving a shout out to the best pins of the week. Or encourage each other to promote the board.

10.  Pin at different times of day

Pop onto Pinterest several times a day to add some pins or repin so that your profile remains visible on a regular basis to your followers.

11. Enjoy

Most importantly, enjoy using Pinterest. The more you strategise how you use Pinterest the less inviting your profile is likely to be. Followers are more likely to follow Pinners that have a strong aesthetic or interest, a good range of different boards and regular presence on the platform.

If you would like to join me on Pinterest you can find me here.



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