How To Make A Gallery Wall

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to create a gallery wall in my living room filled with beautiful art and inspiration. I have a Pinterest board full of ideas on how how to display art in the home, and I think, if done well, can form a striking feature in any room.

Today I want to share with you how to make a gallery wall, as I found that it is a little more fiddily than it appears. It took a bit of work, but I am so pleased with the result.

Our gallery wall sits in the centre of the largest wall in our living room. It previously had a large painting on it (which has now been moved upstairs) but I wanted something fresh and contemporary to go with our new living room makeover (full reveal of that coming soon).

I got in touch with the folks as Desenio to work on picking some pieces for my makeover. (They have kindly offered a discount code for the next 2 days if you want to get any prints for yourself, details below.)

Gallery Wall Decor


I chose a total of 6 prints in black frames for my gallery wall. My starting point was the large moon print, Lune. It had caught my eye on Pinterest a while ago, and as a moon-lover I was totally drawn to it.

I wanted the rest of the prints to be of a similar colour scheme to the moon print to create a sophisticated look to the gallery wall. I spent a lot of time scrolling through the different prints on Desenio to get an idea of what they offered before deciding on a theme. I wanted the prints on my wall to reflect our interests and who we are – I wanted it to incorporate travel and the stars.

To choose my prints I began creating an epic shopping bag on the website, as well as saving my favourite pins to a private board on Pinterest. This board is for my living room makeover and features all of my inspiration and the products I want to buy. I kept checking the entire Pinterest board on my large desktop computer so I could see what patterns and themes emerged.

Eventually I narrowed down my choice of prints to about 10-15.

The next task was to choose the size prints and to make sure they fit. I kept a measuring tape handy to help me get an idea of scale of the prints I was shopping for.

I started with the largest prints first. I picked the largest moon print I could and the watercolour map print. These formed the foundation of my gallery wall.

How To Gallery Wall

I drew a rough sketch in my notebook along with the length and width measurements of my main prints.

Next, I figured out the length and width options of the remaining prints and then tried different arrangements on my sketches to see how the fit. For me, it was a priority to include the capricorn and libra prints as they would be the personal aspect of the gallery wall. Their width was too short or too long against my map print, so I searched for a third print in the smaller size that would complement them. I found the nebula print which added the star/galaxy theme. Together, the three prints had a width that was similar to the map print.

Finally, I searched on Desenio for the landscape prints that would fit along the width of the moon print. I chose two options that fit they colour scheme of white, grey and black, and were meaningful to us. The train print was chosen as I absolutely love train travel, and the birds because they represent flight and freedom.

Together, all of our prints match in terms of colour scheme and they complement each other on the themes of travel, freedom, and space.

Prints I chose:

How to Make a Gallery Wall


The first step to make a gallery wall is to create templates. We used old flipchart paper that we had in the shed. We drew around and cut out templates for each of the six prints in their frames. We also made a note on the template of the measurements for each dimension as well as the name of each print. This bit helps when figuring out where it all goes on your wall. Finally, we measured inside the frames to where the brackets were and marked on the templates exactly where the nails need to go. 

Next, we measured the entire wall, both width and height, to find the exact centre point. We marked the centre point with pencil.

In my notebook I made a sketch of the gallery wall arrangement using my own calculations. I wanted the gallery wall to fit as though it was one piece of art, so the outside was to be the rectangle. This meant that the inside of the gallery wall needed precise measurement as the frames didn’t fit exactly next to each other.

Using the centre point we measured out and marked with pencil where the templates needed to go. We attached the templates to the wall with bluetac and used a spirit level to make sure they were straight.

Once the templates we all attached to the wall we did a second check with the spirit level and made sure the gallery wall looked right.

We then hit the nails into the wall through the templates, using the markers we’d put on them. Then we removed the template and attached the frames. Once again using the spirit level to ensure they were straight.

Voila, gallery wall done!

Gallery Wall Desenio


I am really pleased with how striking our gallery wall looks. It’s smart, contemporary and adds a bit of drama to the room. As the prints and the gallery wall are so large it does add a bit of wow factor.

I am still super pleased with the prints I did choose from Desenio. There is such a huge range to choose from that it take a while to pick my final prints. As we spend so much time in our living room I wanted to make sure I picked something I’d happily look at all the time.

The quality of the prints appears to be pretty good so I am hoping they last a little while. In the spirit of honesty, I do have to admit that some of the frames did arrive to me damaged. I’m not sure if this happened in transit or at the manufacturing stage. Desenio did replace them straight away and I received the new ones within a week. The frames weren’t necessarily the best quality, but they’re fine.

Overall, I’m pleased with the gallery wall result, I think it makes a great statement in my living room and a good start to the makeover.

I will share the rest of our living room makeover soon!

Gallery Wall Tutorial


Desnenio are offering a discount to Rosalilium readers for the next couple of days.

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Let me know if you have a go at a gallery wall!


These prints were gifted from Desenio. As always, thoughts, words and opinions are my own.

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