How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest

How to set up rich pins on Pinterest

Have you ever noticed on Pinterest that some pins have a little logo of picture next to the title? Or that food pins have the recipes included underneath the pin? Or perhaps that products details the price? Those are all rich pins.

Rich Pins

Simply, rich pins are pins that offer extra details to the pin and description.

A rich pin offers the viewer extra details about a pin and in turn, offers the Pinner a chance to provide more value to their pins. Everyone wins, yes?

Example of an article rich pin

As bloggers we would definitely benefit from adding rich pins to our accounts. First of all, it reinforces your brand by displaying a favicon of your blog next to the pin title. Secondly, it encourages more clickthroughs than a standard pin.

Elizabeth Rosalilium Pinterest

How to add Rich Pins

1. Firstly, ensure you have converted your Pinterest account to a business one (how to here).

2. Now, depending on your blogging platform the process will differ slightly.

a). For blogs – download the YOAST SEO plugin, in the lefthand sidebar of your dashboard click on SEO – SOCIAL – FACEBOOK. Check the Open Graph checkbox.

Yoast Open Graph Checkbox

Now, go to Pinterest Rich Pin Validator and add your URL and click VALIDATE and APPLY NOW.
If you do not wish to use the YOAST SEO plugin, you can add code to the Head section of your blog. Grab the code from this page, click on SETTINGS – OPENHOOK – WP_HEAD and add the code before saving.

b) For BLOGGER blogs

a) Go to your dashboard and click TEMPLATE – EDIT HTML.
Copy the code from the rich pins page here and paste it into the html of your blog anywhere under the <head> code but before it closes at </head>. To do this click CTRL-F or CMD-F on your computer, type in <head> to check where to place the code. Ensure you don’t break up any other code instructions.

Now head to the Rich Pin Validator and add your URL.

Now this process is for ARTICLE rich pins. There are other options that might be more suitable for your blog such as Recipe or Place rich pin. If you run an ecommerce site you will want to use the Product rich pin. For these pins copy the code from the relevant rich pin page from this page and add it to the Head section of your website.

Pinterest can take a little while to approve your URL for rich pins so do be patient.

NOTE: the Favicon of your website will be displayed on your rich pins so do make sure you have one set up.

Hope that helps! And do check out the rest of my Pinterest series here.


  1. Thank you so much for this post! This is the best explanation of how to use Pinterest to increase traffic and publicize your blog. I’ve read some of your other posts and really enjoyed them. Thanks!

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