I Didn’t Choose The Culottes Life, The Culottes Life Chose Me


Do you ever get those outfits that you love so much you just wear them ALL THE TIME. Like, seriously, I have rarely worn anything else these past couple of weeks.



at britmums

I bought these culottes in Sainsburys, yep my local supermarket, when I accidentally on purpose ended up in the clothing section instead of picking up some milk. You know, you can find some pretty sweet clothes in Sainsburys. I never knew!

So for a grand price of around £12 I purchased these blue, green, red and white patterned culottes. I think the pattern is rather interesting and they have an elasticated back, which is pretty useful when you have those ’rounder’ moments like I’m having at the moment.

In this weather the culottes are not only super comfy because they’re loose, but the fabric is thin enough to keep you cool. Like I said, I’ve been wearing them all the time.

Paired with my new red top from Oasis and my trusty wedge heels from Gap and I’ve worn this to a few events in the past week along and I’m more than happy to be one of those people that wears the same thing to every single event I go to. I’m cool with that.

coffee time

I first wore this entire get-up together at the BritMumsLive and then again last week on a trip to London for a brunch date with my boyf and attending the Pinterest UK 2nd birthday. You can also see them in my Summer Lookbook video here.

at Pinterest

This is Zoe, she is one of my all time fave bloggers and one of the Pinterest UK team. I like her pineapple. And behind us are a mariachi band, whose set was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with live music. I love them.

In london

What’s that? A picture perfect London street for me to pose in? Why thank you…

As you can tell, I’m pretty comfy in this outfit. I think it makes for a presentable enough ensemble and culottes are ‘on trend’ apparently. Hoorah!

Outfit details:

What do you think? Culottes – yay or nay?


  1. I really want to try culottes (have been intrigued for nearly a year now!) but have been so hesitant as I am only 5ft 3… also unsure whether to go pattern or plain! You look amazing in them though 🙂

  2. I saw a pair of culottes on the Blue Vanilla website when I was shopping for Britmums dresses. They were so baggy that they really did look like a skirt. Made from a floaty chiffon material in a gorgeous peach colour, I thought they looked great on the model. You’ve just totally sold me the idea of buying them though! Your culottes look wicked – totally perfect for the summer, relaxed and cool, but definitely work for a multitude of event. A yay for me! x

      1. They’re ridiculously pretty – so will have to find a budget for them. You’ll be the first to know if I do x

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