I Won a Competition!

Yey me! I won a competition on twitter last week. I never win anything so this was a wonderful surprise and just proves that it pays to give it a go.

cheapskate odd one out runnerup tea winning

As I was glancing down my ever-expanding twitter newsfeed I spotted a retweet about a competition with mrcheapskate so I clicked on the link to be taken through to a wonderful cartel of loveliness on his blog. Straight away I added mrcheapskate on both my twitter and google friendconnect and waited with baited breath for the competition results.

I came runner-up! Hoorah. And I received a wonderful stash of cool stuff in the post not too long afterwards of which most were tea-themed and I happen to be a huge fan of all things tea-related. So, a big thank you to mrcheapskate for his generous competition prizes and do check him out here.

This really did make my week, and possibly month! Here’s hoping my run of good luck may continue.
  1. Thanks everyone. I am thinking of passing the love forward and doing a prize giveaway soon. It seems the like the nice thing to do. Maybe at the next milestone of 50 followers or something.

  2. lucky you!! what a nice stash to win 😀 i'll have to check out mr cheapskate, by the looks of the prizes he must have pretty cool taste!

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