I’m Starting a Podcast

I’m putting it out there. That means I have to do it. I will do it. And it’s coming very soon! I am starting a podcast.


It’s been ruminating away in my brain for two years now. The seeds were there and slowly but surely they’ve been developing over time into the idea that I have right now. It’s all slotted into place, and I know exactly what I want my podcast to be.

It’s been a rather arduous journey to get to the point where I can talk about this publicly, and to be honest I’m a little nervous.

‘What if no-one listens?’ ‘What if no-one wants to be interviewed?’ ‘What if I turn out to be a terrible host and interviewer?’ etc. etc. – yep, all these worries and more have been circling my mind for two years.

But I’ve got to a place in my head, and my life in general, where it feels right. It feels like this is what I should be doing. And it feels like I have something to offer.

I truly believe that I can create something of value with this podcast and that is my primary reason for doing it.

Starting a Podcast

What is the podcast all about?

Well, much like the general shift in the content I create now, the podcast will be wellness-focused. But it will be slightly different to your usual self-help, wellbeing-style podcast.

I am interested in discovery and curiosity.

I want to very much be with the listener as we go on a journey to figure out what it means to live a good life.

I want to delve into the thoughts and experiences of a diverse range of people both inside and outside of the wellness sphere. I want to offer a platform for the light-hearted to sit right next the deep and philosophical.

I want to look into the human condition, society, culture, and health but from a truly holistic perspective.

This is not about jumping on the latest trend and expecting it to be a cure all. It’s about drawing out the best theories and piecing together something that works, something that makes sense, something that makes a difference.

Nobody has all of the answers. Nobody has it all figured out just yet. But some people do have insights. They hold some of the pieces of the puzzle on how to live a good life. And maybe, just maybe, this podcast can bring those puzzle pieces together and we can all start to gain some clarity, purpose, and joy from it all.

Wellness for me is wide-ranging, it’s not just about fitness and healthy eating (although that can play a part in it too). Wellness should cover the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of our lives. Wellness is about intentional actions as much as it is about mental health, belief systems, resources, environment, community, and so much more.

This podcast has a lot of ground to cover and I hope you will join me for this wellness discovery journey.

New podcast

The plan for starting a podcast

Right, so in the spirit of accountability (and hopefully encouragement) I am sharing my podcast plans publicly.

I have already mentioned this on my Instagram Stories, and for the most part I’ll probably share updates a few times a week over there (follow my Instagram).

I have an epic sized spreadsheet on the go with several pages of research and planning. On it I have a list of potential topics I’d like to cover, and an ever-growing list of potential guests I’d like to interview.

The format of the podcast is definitely going to be interview-style to start with, which I feel is going to be such a refreshing change for me.

I’ve spent 8 years creating content from my own perspective here on the blog, my YouTube channels, and social media. It’s still something I love to do, but I’m itching to get other people’s point of views on the topic of wellness. I feel like this will make for a totally different and fresh way to create content (for me).

I hope to start lining up interviews in the coming weeks. I need to get my head around audio recording. And apparently there’s a whole lot of faff on the technical side to get the podcast up on listening platforms such as iTunes.

My to-do list is long, but determination is strong. We can do this!

What else do you need to know?

Ok, so…dear reader, if this podcast does sound like your cup of tea then please do follow along as I get it all set-up and created (most updates will be on Insta-stories).

If you have any ideas I would love your input or initial feedback on my idea.

* What would you like to hear more about on the topic of wellness?

* Is there anyone in particular you think would make a good podcast guest?

* What wellness style techniques, practices, philosophies do you enjoy and recommend?

* Do you think there are any voices that are missing from the wellness conversations that we could include?

* What does wellness mean to you?

Pop me a comment below or send me an email if you’d prefer. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Or if you simply want to send words of encouragement my way, it would be most welcome and gratefully received as I well and truly push myself out of my comfort zone.

Stay informed about the podcast

Finally, if you’d like to be the first to know when the podcast launches pop your email address in the box below and I’ll add you to the list.

Thank you so much for all your support so far as I am starting a podcast, and wish me luck!



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