In Instagram Lately…

instagram mosaic

It has been a while since my last ‘Week in Instagram’ post. So I thought I would share a few of my favourite Instagram snaps of late.

1.  Amazing vintage milk bottles I found on my thrifting travels. 2. Tea and Cake with my Mama. 3. I always start the day with a bowl of Bran Flakes, it’s about as healthy as I get.

4. Gorgeous rapeseed fields as spotted on the train back from London. 5. Me sipping a very large glass of red wine at the Royal Albert Hall. 6. First roast dinner in our new house.

7. Washing broke so we had to dash to a laundrette. 8. My 50s bowler bag is my current fave. 9. Northampton bus station, it’s not as bad as locals make out.

It’s all been very domestic recently. I now realise that I need to get my Instagram groove on again and start getting creative. I mean, surely there is only so many snaps of my food anyone needs to see.

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      1. That bus station does look nice! Much better than our dirty concrete and metal eye sore!
        Would love to go to the Royal Albert Hall!

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