In it to Win it

Before Christmas I was extremely lucky to win not just one but two blog giveaways! Fancy that? I was utterly thrilled as I was in the throes of hosting my own Christmas giveaways and sending off prizes left, right and centre.

First of all, I won this amazing book on Vintage Fashion from the lovely Charismagick. It chronologically charts the styles and shapes of clothes over the decades and will be a great source of inspiration for me. Hoorah!

The second prize I won is a collection of awesome tea towels from Our Workshop in the Bright.Bazaar giveaway. I won 4 tea towels with graphic illustrations for each season. I love them! And as I will be moving in with the boyf soon, this is a perfect prize to win.

A big thank you to Charis and Will for the prizes, and it just goes to show…you got to be in it to win it!

  1. The vintage fashion source book looks like it would be pretty inspirational. I always like learning about the history of different fashion pieces, including all of the different cuts and such. Great win!

  2. Lucky lady!! I never win giveaways.
    The fashion book sounds great (with the bonus Charlie & Lola card) i’m always looking for inspiration.

    The towels look cute, whens the big moving in day? 🙂

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