Indian Wedding Outfit: Orange Sari

orange sari

I don’t think there’s anything that makes me feel more feminine than wearing a sari.

The large swathes of fabric that gently fall as it concertinas at the front of the skirt. The bright, vivid colours, embellishments and embroidery. The whole festival of colour that comes with wearing a sari to an Indian function. It feels pretty special.

henna hands

The boyf and I hotfooted it over to Leicester last week to pick up my first own sari for the wedding of his cousin.

Given my bad back at the moment it was rather a quick trip but great fun to pick out my colours. I had been set on going for a purple sari but we spotted this one and the boyf is a big fan of orange so we chose this one as my starter sari.

sari fashion

We really liked the simplicity of the design with just a small gold embellished trim around the edge of the fabric. It’s matched with a gold and black ‘blouse’ top that surprisingly/luckily fit me. Usually you have to adjust the blouses that comes with saris, either taking them in or out. But this was a perfect fit.

We popped over to the shop next door to get decked out with matching bangles and bhindi. And the outfit was complete!



I went for a fairly conservative look for my first family wedding. I didn’t want to stand out too much. Well, more than usual!

What I did notice from the wedding though is that more is more. So it’s all about the jewellery, embellishments, make-up and whatnot. It’s so much fun!

wearing a sari

sari details

The wedding itself was a fantastic experience. We went along for three of the events of the wedding (it does go on for a week) including the mehndi night where all the women in the family had their hands painted with henna and we sang songs.

The night before the wedding was the saanji, a party with the grooms family, and then on the Sunday was the actual wedding ceremony at the Mandir (temple).

It was an honour to be have been invited and included, and a fascinating experience to be part of a different type of wedding than I am used to.


  1. Hey Elizabeth ! You look gorgeous in this orange sari ! Sadly we don’t have much choice for sari shopping in France… I really wanted to wear a purple one to for my wedding (yep, got married on January 2nd πŸ˜‰ !) but the few they had were just too flashy for me so in the end I went for a white sari with silver embroideries… And I’m happy I went for that one because it was a really nice way to combine the style of my Indian roots and the more traditional French bridal colors πŸ™‚ That way both sides of the family were happy ! I really enjoy reading your posts now and again and I do hope we get to see each again other at some point… it’s been so many years ! Hugs, Natasha.

    1. Natasha! Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. Miss you loads! If you’re in France maybe I’ll pop over for a visit sometime. πŸ˜‰

  2. What an amazing experience. You look stunning in that sari, the colour is beautiful on you. It sounds like a really wonderful celebration, especially lasting for a week! Wow!

  3. That’s a fabulous sari, it really suits you – what a great colour! I’ve never been to an Indian wedding but I’ve heard so many people say how bright and colourful and special they are. Makes our traditional hour-long ceremony followed by wedding breakfast seem pretty dull!

    1. It’s certainly different. Although there is a lot of sitting around at an Indian wedding so can get long if you don’t get involved in all the chatting.

  4. Ah, you look so pretty! I really love Indian outfits, either the Salwar Kameez or a Sari- you look a vision. So glad you had a lovely time. It’s slightly different but I played music for a few Javanese and Balinese wedding ceremonies and it was SO much fun being part of the wedding- wearing our bright coloured Kebayas and when we played each piece of music, we were given an item of food!x

  5. The orange suits you beautifully! The wedding sounds beautiful, and must have been an amazing thing to be a part of. The henna is gorgeous too.

  6. To this day, I have never worn a sari. I have so much Indian heritage, yet haven’t partaken in wearing this iconic garment. Ridiculous, huh? You rock it hard! It is so all about the accessories (particularly jewellery). Perhaps that’s my Indian influence coming out – I love gold. I always wear two beautiful Indian gold bangles, inherited from my Anglo-Indian grandmother.

    Loving your blog x

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