Interior Inspiration: Wall Displays

For a long time I have been collecting pictures, paintings, photographs, mirrors and art with the aim of hanging them on my wall in my new home. I am a visual person and love to have lots of details around the home to stare at. I often let my mind drift and I find beauty all round. I want my home to be filled with creativity and beauty and form in all kinds of ways. One such way would be to display collections of art and photographs in gallery form. I particularly like the casual mismatched gallery look rather than spaced out pieces. This in itself creates a focal interest too.

cluttered wall displaycurated wall galleryorganised shaped wall displaysFor a long time I have been collecting inspiration on my Pinterest with this exact project in mind. I love the idea of creating larger shapes on the wall with a collection of small images and objects. I imagine I will have several displays around my home taking inspiration from these walls above.

What do you think? Carefully curated or casual mismatch or organised shapes?

Or maybe you think it is too messy?

Do you have any great ideas for displaying pretty things on your wall?

(Image credits: Toilet – Supermarket Sarah via Design Sponge, Sofa Wall – Posy, Curated Gallery 1 – unknown, Curated Gallery 2 – Lobster and Swan via Etsy, Washing Line – unknown, Heart – cookie magazine via Hello Friend, Samplers – Viviana)