The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 9 – Volunteering and Learning to Be Happy with Jen Lowthrop

Jen Lowthrop

In today’s podcast episode I am talking to Jen Lowthrop. Jen is a certified Happiness Trainer, Digital Consultant, and Travel Blogger.

After living in London for 10 years Jen moved back to the Peak District 2 years ago and strongly believes in the benefits of the great outdoors and loves nothing better than walking dogs (doesn’t yet have her own, but soon) through the hills.

Jen worked in the charity sector for 10 years before setting up her own digital consultancy 5 years ago.

She is currently in the process of developing her new business ‘Feel Good Do Good’ which is all about training individuals and businesses in how they can live happier lives to make them feel good and do more good in the world.

Jen is also an avid book reader!

In today’s interview we talk about what a happiness trainer is and why would we need one. We chat about the concept of happiness being a mindset and a skill and how we need to develop it.

Jen talks about her work with wellbeing training in businesses and how happier people are more likely to be productive.

We chat about her new business Feel Good Do Good which is rooted in a her long history of volunteer work. Jen shares her advice on how to get into volunteering, figuring out which organisation or cause to work with, and the benefits of volunteering.

Jen shares her top daily self-care act that helps her switch off and start her day right. And finally Jen talks about her top advice for those wanting to live a good life.

I have known Jen for many years after meeting a blogging event. And as you will hear in this episode she is such an easy person to chat to, she is always enthusiastic and approachable. She is an all round good egg, and it is a pleasure to have her on the show.


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