The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 14 – Guide to Intuition with Jo ChunYan

Jo ChunYan

In today’s podcast episode I am making a call to Australia to chat with Jo ChunYan. Jo is a brand designer, intuitive coach and author of The Intuition Journal, which has just recently been published.

Jo is based in Melbourne and loves making the most of the city with its amazing Sunday brunches, cobbled laneways and organic markets.

In this episode Jo shares her journey from engineering student, to graphic designer, a move to Japan, and to her current work as a brand designer and intuitive coach. We chat about what intuition actually means. What it looks like. The different levels of intuition. And how we need intuition along with ego and mind chatter.

Jo tells us how transformative honing her intuition has been and the profoundly positive impact it can have on not just an individual but all those around them. She also shares why and how she came to create the Intuition Journal including exactly how it’s structured to help you over the course of a year.

I ask Jo to delve into what ritual means and why she finds it so important and what it can look like practical. Jo shares her own personal self-care routines and what a good life means to her.

We also chat about Ayurveda medicine and some of the similarities with Chinese medicine. And Jo tells us how much of a difference discovering Ayurveda has had on her this year. The conversation ends up on cycles and energy fluctuations and how the work on a daily, weekly and monthly level.

I adored my chat with Jo. She is so easy to talk to and generous with her insights. I finished the interview feeling so inspired and uplifted. I think you’re going to enjoy this episode today.


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  • The Intuition Journal The Intuition journal is a guided journal full of Nourishing daily rituals to cultivate clarity, inner wisdom & inspired action. A calming daily companion designed to connect you to your innate power, coax you out of your comfort zone to live more in alignment with your innermost desires.
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