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My ‘Week in Instagram’ series kind of pettered out last year. I felt like it was becoming a little too samey, and it is fast becoming a popular type of blog post in the blog world. My love of Instagram is still going strong and I will share some of my favourite shots from time to time, but I have far too many other things I want to blog about to make it a weekly occurence anymore.

At the moment I am attempting the March Photo a Day project. I had enjoyed following the January project and had started but failed to complete the February one. So six days in and I have kept up with the project so far. It’s a fun way to think about taking instagram photos in a different way and I do love a good project.

I will share the full project once March is complete, but here are some of my favourite Instagram photographs of this year so far.

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  1. 7 March 2012 / 11:08 am

    Lovely photos – and I like getting to see your nail colour from the ice cream parlour post more in close up – it is lovely!

  2. 7 March 2012 / 3:28 pm

    That third photo is absolutely amazing! So glad you are keeping up with it!

  3. 7 March 2012 / 8:21 pm

    very lovely set of photo’s. love the vintage pillowcases.

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