Living the unconventional life


It was never for me, the conventional life. That is, I never grew up imagining the standard degree, career, marriage, kids, house, car, holiday once a year, etc. I don’t know exactly why, it’s not like I thought I was particularly special or anything, but I just never pictured my future that way. Instead I would dream about travel, strange places, people, performing, adventure and discovery. There was always a man, yep…I always wanted a partner – someone to share my life with. And I always wanted kids. But I just didn’t imagine the settling down bit. Maybe I’m just a dreamer, but my life has never followed the conventional path. Instead I have taken the scenic route at every opportunity, not always an intention, yet it appears that scenic is my path.

I mentioned last week that I felt like I might quit blogging.

It was an interesting post to share. The feedback from my dear readers, you lovely lot, was really encouraging. So thank you for that!

Long time readers will know that I take honesty and integrity very seriously here at Rosalilium. This blog is, after all, an extension of me. It’s a personal blog, even if it has been monetised so I can make a few pennies. So, it was important to me that I shared how I was feeling and kept you in the loop, even seeking feedback where necessary. And as it happens, the process of both writing and sharing has proved most cathartic. I’ve had a good mull and I think I’m finally getting to a point where I know what will be next…

It probably makes sense that living an unconventional life means that my blogging will also follow an unconventional path. It will reflect my scenic route and must adapt along the way in both style, content and business model.

For instance, I am phasing out the sidebar advertising via the Passionfruitads shop. I am at a point where I don’t feel comfortable with the pressure of receiving advertisers in the sidebar, mainly because it puts pressure on me to produce consistent, high-traffic content and as my direction is changing I don’t feel comfortable accepting advertising if I can’t guarantee the traffic. I may keep the Googleads adverts as they don’t require me to answer to anyone and can look after themselves. The income is tiny, but over a year it might cover my hosting and a few running costs of this blog.

I will continue to do the occasional brand collaboration in the form of sponsored posts etc. but these will be fairly minimal. Instead I’d like to focus my attention on my e-courses, something I am really passionate about. I’ll relaunch them (yes, there is more than one now) soon to start in September, because that is back-to-school time right?

Rosalilium will still be here. It will still be personal, it will still cover lifestyle topics with thoughts and experiences that interest me.

But … there is something a little extra.

Living the unconventional life

I’m starting a new blog! Another one! Yes, I seem to be collecting them, with Rosalilium and Blognix already this will make a third. But this one has a slight difference … I’m sharing it with the boyf! Whoop!

I am working on getting it all set up and preparing the first few posts so it’s in maintenance mode at the moment. I’m so excited and a touch nervous to launch a brand new blog from scratch, eeeeek!

We will soft launch the blog so that we can iron out any kinks whilst we get used to it. However, I’m hoping a few of my regular, ol’ faithful readers might come along for the start of this new journey.

So, if you’re interested in travel, adventure and discovery – both here in the UK and abroad – you can sign up here to be one of the first pioneer readers to have access to it.

I’m aware this might not be for everyone, and you know what? That is ok. I need to follow my instincts and this is something that feels right to me. Hopefully one or two of you will be up for joining me in this new chapter and I’m hoping for some whoop-whoop-yeahs if you’ve got any spare. (Is it lame to ask for encouragement??? Probably, but I’m a little nervous so I thought I’d ask.)

Here’s to the unconventional life and all the scenic routes it entails!