London: Borough Market, Coffee and Sunsets

London Outing

Back in August (oh my how was the over a month ago already?) we pottered down to London (again) to visit one of the boyf’s uni friends who was over from Asia and I got to hang with one of my old uni friends. It was a lovely, if somewhat long day. I always forget how easy it is to do ALL the walking when in London.

We enjoyed lots of food and atmosphere at the brilliant Borough Market. We wandered down to Maltby Street to grab coffee at the market there. We checked out some vintage and antique shops before walking up to Tower Bridge and walking along the Thames footpath. Then we got caught in the rain and hid in a pub for a couple of swift halves before grabbing a cab over to Shoreditch where we enjoyed another drink at the Commercial Tavern. Then we hotfooted it over to Whitechapel we got to stand in the queue for nearly 45 minutes just to get a curry. All that before jumping on a couple of tubes back to East Finchley and then driving back up the M1 to Milton Keynes.

It was quite a day.

And for your viewing pleasure, I have made another little video of the day.


Thanks for watching!


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