London: In the Mood for Christmas

Getting ready for London

Last week I hotstepped it down to London (again – seems to be lots of London happenings at the moment) for a couple of days for a bit of an outing. A very productive outing actually. An outing that has totally got me in the mood for Christmas. This meant I could totally bring out my red sparkly nail varnish (good ol’ Barry M) and feel the festive spirit. Because sparkly nails = festive spirit. Yep.

The main purpose of my trip was to visit the Ideal Home at Christmas show thanks to Magnet (those kind kitchen folk wanted to send me for a festive mosey – who am I to say no to that?!). So whilst I was in the vicinity, if London can be called a vicinity, I took a few sights and activities in along the way.

Chai and Sunset

I was meeting the boyf after work so I tried out the chai latte at Costa (not that impressed by the way, bit powdery) and watched the most gorgeous sunset. Once the boyf was done we headed to his friends. His friends are nice, I like them.

Best Nandos Restaurant

We all voted for a quick Nando’s for dinner before our impending date The National. It happened to be the fanciest looking Nando’s I’ve ever come across. It’s based in the arches at Vauxhall, and it was rather atmospheric. I like atmospheric fast food. Yey for chicken and atmosphere!

Alexandra Palace

Then we made our way up to Alexandra Palace for the gig. As a born and bred Londoner how have I managed to have not visited the Ally Pally before?! This place was awesome. Totally awesome for a gig and the view from the top of the hill, wowzers! So yeah, we made it just in time for The National. After not living in the capital for a while I forgot how long it takes to get everywhere – the tube is loooooooong. Still, the band was rad. Really rad. Awesomely rad. I have been wanting to see them live for years and I was not disappointed (actually I was a little upset that they didn’t play my favourite song, boooo!).

Ideal Home at Christmas Show

The next day I awoke ready to get my festive on at the Ideal Home at Christmas show. First I stopped by my old haunt, Brockley and New Cross to meet up with one of my old friends from uni, and then one of my new blogging friends. Which was nice. I got to see old my uni which is having a bit of a spruce up.

And then I got stuck on the tube for ages. Darn.

Eventually, I made it Earls Court and it did look rather fabulous decked out with fake snow and a Father Christmas out front. Inside it was ginormous! Two whole floors of STUFF and a mini ice rink in the middle. It was rather overwhelming, to be honest. If you go to one of these Ideal Home Shows be prepared with comfy shoes! There was lots of walking involved.


My favourite bit was the areas of the demonstrations. The Christmas Theatre had Homemade London doing a craft tutorial on when I was there. And the Christmas Food Theatre was doing a wine tasting – apparently, chardonnay’s have grown up and not so oaky. I was NOT happy to hear that. I was quite happy with them oaky, thank you very much. You can keep your light, fruity pinot!


Christmas Trees

The show was filled with gift stalls, food, drinks, decorations, home and interiors companies and a surprising amount of teeth whitening services. (Not gonna lie, I was tempted).

All in all, I was in Christmas heaven and came home filled with festive ideas. Watch this space!



Big thanks to Magnet for sending me to the show. 


  1. So exciting! Love it all, even if I do not do Christmas this early I am so excited for you (and I loved your nails in person – I was totally checking them out on the sly)

  2. i went to the christmas ideal home show last year while pregnant and i felt like i walked miles. sad i missed it this year its a great way to get into the Christmas spirit

  3. I never did Ally Pally either! There’s a really bizarre set of videos on YouTube about some strange mystic stuff – the shape of the windows etc. ( I was only watching at a narrow boat film and got waylaid as you do!)

    (If you’re feeling brave!)

    That show looks amazing but I can see it being almost to much to take in, in one visit. Phew!
    Deffo don’t miss travelling on the Tube daily, but brilliant all the same, if you know what I mean?!
    Z xx

  4. I’m totally in the mood for christmas as well, I will be digging out my Barry M sparkly polish asap I think too 🙂

    I love ally pally, we used to live in Finsbury Park and go past there on the bus to the cinema all the time 🙂

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