Mae Ploy Curry Pastes

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Friends often ask how I make my delicious Thai curries. I often reply with a fun anecdote about the time I went on a cookery course in Chiang Mai with a chef called Perm. I describe the mouth-watering feast I created under his guidance and recount the moment when I set my wok on fire under his instruction and sent a ball of flame high into the air. I generally wax lyrical about my wondrous talents in South East Asian foods but there is one thing I really must confess to. I cheat with the curry paste.

setting stir fry on fire

Traditionally the curry paste is pounded into existence with a pestle and mortar transforming nose-tingling spices into a goo of yumminess. But times have changed and convenience is occasionally the best option. But before you judge me and scream ‘philistine’ I need to explain how this Thai food snob came to cheat with her curry.

Mae Ploy makes a great range of fantastic curry pastes that contain all natural products: there are no preservatives, no colours and definitely no nasty MSG. Conventionally, in Thailand, a cook would normally pound up a stash of curry paste and store it covered in oil ready for cooking at convenience. In buying the Mae Ploy pastes I am merely bypassing the pounding stage and saving myself an hour of elbow-wrenching hassle. I have used these pastes for over a year now and I highly recommend them. They make cooking a dream; they taste incredible and will have your friends begging for more.

mae ploy curry pastes

I bought these from the Wing Tai supermarket in Brixton but you can also order them online at Thai Food Online.
  1. I use them too – they are great! I think there is nothing wrong with using good ingredients like these to make your food taste good. Most of the times, I just don't have the time to make everything from scratch.

    Can't bear food snobs! : )

    You can also get them in most Asian stores – I've seen these in most cities I have been to in my travels too.


    LELUU xxx

  2. You're right – these are great curry pastes. A fragrant Thai curry in half an hour on a rainy midweek evening – what's not to love? ;o)

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