Blogger’s Malmaison Sunday Brunch

And… back for another Malmaison Sunday Brunch again. Yey! I was invited along to a Blogger’s Brunch last Sunday to sample the delicious brunch menu at the Malmaison Birmingham, situated in the Mailbox. We hotfooted it up to Birmingham on Sunday morning, skipping breakfast intentionally so we had plenty of room for the feast ahead!

Bloody Mary at Malmaison

We started off with some Bloody Mary’s in the Cellar Room whilst everyone arrived. They were interesting, possibly not my favourite. I’d like to see the cocktail-making game at the bar upped a bit. I had a Caesar the time before last and didn’t rate that either. I still drank it all, it was fine, definitely needed more vodka! I recommend sticking to the wine or other beverages.

Salad at Malmaison BrunchMeat at the Chefs TableFor the Omlettes

Then we got to the best bit of the brunch, The Chef’s Table. Hands down my favourite part of the Sunday Brunch. I’ve been here twice before and the consistency in standard has been great.

The Chef’s Table is a huge table filled with an array of cured meats, pates, fish, Spanish ham on the bone, cheeses, breads, salads, pickles, etc. There is a pancake/omelette station where you can pick your fillings and the chef makes one up for you fresh.

From the Chefs Table Brunch

You can go up as often as you like, and I may have had two or three plates of food. My favourite bits were the cured ham, hot salmon, bread, chargrilled peppers and the potato salad. Mmm….it was too tasty.

Poached Eggs and Bacon

Next up came our main for which I was sad to find the Fried Chicken and Waffles is no longer on the menu – sad times. So this time I picked the Eggs Benedict with bacon and no hollandaise – so not sure how Benedict-y that really is. Probably a weird choice in hindsight, but I really fancied poached eggs and bacon. The main was nice enough, as you can see I didn’t quite get the runny yolk one would like with poached eggs, so without the sauce this was a little dry but that was probably my own fault.

Then we finished off with some dessert. I didn’t pick well with this one either, sadly. It wasn’t the prettiest of desserts so I haven’t included a photo, but it was smothered in cream which I don’t like. The ice cream and hot chocolate sauce was nice though.

Bloggers Brunch at Malmaison

All in all, a fun leisurely brunch was had, hanging out with lovely bloggers and feasting on that Chef’s Table was the best. It’s a pretty good value brunch too considering how much food you get – around £20 for the lot! So I would recommend it if you have an empty belly and a few hours spare on a Sunday in Birmingham.

Oh, brunch … you are a lovely meal of the day.

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