The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 21 – A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation



In today’s podcast episode I am sharing my simple guide to meditation featuring 18 tips to help you get started.

Often meditation can be misunderstood by some who think it might only be reserved for those that are spiritual or seeking enlightenment. But in fact, meditation is a useful tool for life. It can help you calm and centre your mind, preserve your mental wellbeing and boost your overall sense of self. 

You do not need to be spiritual to practice meditation, you just need to be willing to carve space to focus on the present moment. 

Meditation is a practice rather than an end goal. It’s ideal to use it as a regular practice so that you can build the skill over time.

The purpose of today’s short podcast is to inspire and empower you try meditation to experience the positive benefits for yourself.


  • Remember that it is a practice not an end goal.
  • Your mind will wander, and that’s ok.
  • There are many meditation techniques, try a few until you settle on what works for you.
  • Commit to the practice to form a positive habit.


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