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In today’s podcast episode we chat with Mita Mistry, a mindfulness-based cognitive therapist, acupuncturist, and newspaper columnist. 

She talks about how she went from a career in the city to making a change and going back to university to learn acupuncture. Mita shares why she was drawn to the therapeutic profession. 

Acupuncture is over 3000 years old. Mita shares a bit about the Chinese philosophy of energy meridians in the body, and how the acupuncturist can look help with unblocking when there are issues. There is a lot more depth to it including elements, and where patterns of disharmony lie. 

Mita shares what actually happens in an initial consultation for acupuncture, the detail they go into to get a whole view of your life, lifestyle, health, etc. 

We talk about moxibustion as an alternative to acupuncture for those of us with needle-phobias. There are several other options for those of us who would still like to access the acupuncture framework. 

Mita shares some of the most common struggles she has noticed amongst us all. She tells us how to decide what the best therapeutic approach is for each individual and how to decide who the best therapists are. She reminds us the need for rapport with a therapist, and someone you feel safe with.

Good life is a stress-free life, being around good people, and feeling like giving back. Being healthy and being in the moment.

The key is to find what a good life means to you as an individual and living intentionally that honours who you are as a person. 

We talk about how therapists, of all different kinds, can be such a useful way to help you figure out what you need as they are supportive with your own best interests at heart in a non-judgemental way.

Walking meditation, awareness of sensations in the body as you walk. Meditation can bring more creativity.  Talk about mindfulness that brings us out of our auto-pilot of being in our head, and be more present with our body and less so with our thoughts. 


  • Acupuncture is a therapy framework that looks at the health of the individual as a whole to make sure treatment is effective.
  • There are alternatives to acupuncture if you are needle-phobic but would still like to access the health benefits and treatment.
  • Always look for rapport and feeling safe when choosing any kind of therapist.
  • Focus on what matters to you in life and live with those intentions, not comparing to others live their lives.


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