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Morning Pages

Why I love writing morning pages

I love writing my morning pages, it’s such a meditative and insightful activity to on a daily basis. I have received such a positive response to my last post about writing morning pages, and I am utterly thrilled. It’s wonderful to know that something that is making such a difference to my wellbeing and mental health is also striking a chord with others. 

I’ve received a few more questions via email and Instagram DMs about how to get going with morning pages so I thought I’d write a specific post here to help you all on your morning pages journey.

The most common question I’ve been receiving is ‘what do I write about?’

I think that this might be the single biggest barrier to starting the morning pages process. 

And I totally felt the same. In fact, I probably didn’t start doing morning pages because I couldn’t possibly imagine what I would write about, nor what the point would be. 

And yet, it was something I’d obviously seen repeatedly all over the interwebs and it sunk in, and somewhere in my mind, I knew I needed to do it.

On that fateful day in Wilko’s (which is where I happened to find the perfect notebooks for my morning pages) I just felt compelled to start morning pages. 

Anyhow, enough about me, this is about you and how to get you started on morning pages. 

If you are struggling to get started with writing morning pages, or you have a block and don’t know what to write about, I have some morning pages prompts for you to get you going. 

These prompts are aimed at getting you writing, the idea with morning pages is that you just keep writing and eventually your mind/intuition/true being… whatever you want to call it, takes over and some interesting stuff comes out. 

Morning Pages Prompts

△ What are you thinking about right now?

△ What concerns you?

△ What are your goals?

△ What did you dream about?

△ How do you feel?

△ What do you see around you?

△ Why do you approach a particular situation the way you do?

△ Why do you replay certain scenarios the way you do?

△ Where do you need help?

△ What can you do to make yourself feel good?

△ What are your values and why?

△ What journey are you on?

△ What is really annoying you right now?

△ What made you smile?

△ What are you grateful for?

△ What do you like about yourself?

△ Where do you want to be heading?

△ What have you learned recently?

How To Get started on Morning Pages

These prompts are just to get you inspired. Hopefully, they will help you see that it really doesn’t matter what you start writing about. And you will see that there is such a huge range of things to write about, from the mundane to the deep and insightful. 

If you are concerned that you can only do morning pages if you want to be seeking insights, or for life-affirming wisdom, try not to start there. Begin writing about the most obvious, silly, or boring thing you can think of.

Please trust that the process is what matters. 

The most important part of morning pages is that you just write. Get whatever is on the brain out and onto paper. 

One day you might just be clearing the brain of nonsense and nothing more. 

Other days you might finally get clarity on an issue that’s been holding you back.

Either way, the process should make you feel lighter, more productive, and more grounded.

Stick with it. Give morning pages a good go. Don’t worry if you miss some days. And if you feel a bit crappy after the first few times of doing it, that’s also normal. Writing from the heart/your intuition can sometimes be a form of self-therapy and that can surface some things. Ride on through it and you should get something useful from it after a while. 

Get started on how to do morning pages here. And good luck! 

I hope these morning pages prompts help you.

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