Musical Self-Care


Music is such a powerful force. It has the ability to change your mood. To teach your mind new paths. To take you to new places. It can uplift, inspire, and motivate. It can also offer contemplation and a place for melancholy. Music is transcends languages, nation-states and and race. It does not know religion, gender or relationship preference. It intertwines with and without culture. It is always and forever open to personal interpretation.

Music is a beautiful thing.


As I continue on my quest for better self-care routines I have turned back to music.

Ever since we moved away from CD and record collections to streaming and digital music, I have found my listening habits changed. The familiarity of flipped through my favourites albums has gone, and long lazy afternoons listening to the radio moved over to streaming ‘recommended’ lists.

I hadn’t realised how much my music habits had changed until I was sent this stunning new digital radio from the folks at VQ.


This is the new¬†Retro MK II radio with an Emma Bridgewater floral design cover. It’s aDAB digital radio, FM radio, and it connects via a lightning port to an iPhone.

The minute I opened the box I knew exactly where I wanted it to live. It has pride of place on the windowsill next to my desk so I can play music as I work and create in my home office.

It comes with a neat handle for portability which I thought would be perfect for the summer months when we’re out and about on roadtrips in Deborah the Van. Or one of our many picnics.


The floral cover of the radio feels pretty sturdy so I’m certain it will withstand lots of movement. Handy really, as I intend to make full use of its portability.

I think my favourite thing about this radio is that I can flip between extremely high quality digital radio, my saved music on my iPhone AND if we are out of digital signal we can pop the aerial and use FM radio.

It works off both mains and battery (although this is not included and I’m waiting for my one to arrive) and feels like excellent build quality.

As such a pretty radio it looks gorgeous in my home office and I’ve been using it everyday for the past couple of weeks.


For me, this radio has served as a vital reminder of how important music is for my self-care routines. I can listen to the radio as I get ready in the morning (I like a spot of 6 Music), listen to my favourite podcasts during my mid-morning break (I love The Lively Show) or just rocking out to my favourite old-school albums during my regular dance breaks (I’m a huge fan of indie rock).

In terms of ultimate self-care, in those moments when I really do struggle I pop on some kind of classical or world music. For every day motivation I listen to Notebook by Ludovico Einaudi, a stunning piano-driven album. I find it incredibly moving and it certainly helps me with writing and creating.

If I’m struggling emotionally I will listen to One Giant Leap, a collective album that was created over 10 years ago and has been on every single travelling jaunt I’ve ever been on, and it never fails to inspire and move me.

Musical self-care is probably an aspect of wellness that many of us either forget or take for granted. By having something that allows me to focus solely on music I am able to give myself permission and space to indulge in aural self-care.


VQ Emma Bridgewater Retro MKII Radio is available here on QVC with a special Black Friday launch deal!

Thank you to VQ for this stunning radio and giving me the opportunity to make this rediscovery and share this with my readers.


ALSO! There’s a poll to vote for your favourite styled up radio. Myself and few other bloggers are involved. Get involved here: