My Favourite Instant Camera

Instax photograph

In a digital world there is something still rather enjoyable about a tangible photograph. A memory or a moment you can hold in your hands.

As a lifelong collector of photographs and amateur photography enthusiast I have boxes upon boxes of photos. Sadly though my collective tendencies dwindled over the last 5-7 years as everything was caught and captured on digital cameras or my phone.

However, that longing for the photograph still remains and after owning a polaroid as a child I was still keen for that instant photo opportunity.

Instax Camera and Minis

I got my Instax mini 90 a couple of years ago and it’s on of my favourite cameras.

Sometimes the photos don’t work so well and it can be terribly frustrating. But there’s a romance in the unknowing of taking an instant photo. A romance harking back to a time of film where we snapped away and hoped for the best. Where experience was tangible and evident before your eyes.

In a world where Instagram stars take 70 selfies before picking the perfect one to pile filter after filter on, I find solace in the imperfections of an instant photo.

Fujifilm Instax ProcessingCoffee Instax

This is my favourite instant camera, it’s the Instax Mini 90 from Fujifilm. It produces mini rectangle shaped instant photos and has loads of extra features including double exposure, party mode and more. It’s rad.


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  1. I LOVE my instax mini camera – I actually take a photo every single day with it (this is my second year of doing that). It’s so satisfying and even if my photos are a bit boring it’s nice to look back on my year

  2. I’d LOVE one of those. In fact, it might just be at the top of my Christmas list. I love instant cameras. My Polaroid SX-70 died this summer, so I’m a bit bereft. This one would definitely make me feel better! I love the style of it too. Beautiful..

  3. I too love tangible photos, I have had the honour to direct a short film on 35mm, something so rare these days, but the beauty, the real chemical process is just a beauty to behold. Love polaroids too! Dreamy post x

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