My Current Morning Routine

Today I thought it might be fun to share a little bit about my current morning routine. I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog recently that I’m trying to make small changes to my lifestyle to improve my overall wellbeing as big upheavals or dramatic changes just don’t work for me.

Instead I’m trying to add focused, healthy and intentional elements to my everyday routine in a bit to improve my healthy both physically and mentally.

Let’s get cracking! Here is my morning routine.

First things first … I wake up at around 7.30 to 8.00am. I try not to set an alarm as I find it makes me more drowsy through the day if I get rudely awakened whilst in a deep sleep. Most days that I’m working from home I save on commute time and can allow myself to wake up fairly naturally. It’s rare that I sleep beyond 8am though.

Healthy Morning Routine

I try to sit up straight away so there’s no chance of festering or dozing in bed. The best way to stop this, I’ve found, is to have a good old stretch. I’ve recently become a huge advocate of stretching, it’s super healthy to get the blood and oxygen moving quickly to all parts of your body to help beat fatigue and feel great.

Next I head straight to the bathroom to shower. Again, I find it stops me from festering if I shower straight away. Working from home means it’s super easy and tempting to go straight to my office and work in my pyjamas, but I’ve found this counterintuitive to my productivity.

morning skincare routine

Once I’ve scrubbed and cleaned I will begin my morning skincare routine. At the moment my go-to products and simple routine involves the REN Rosa Centifolia Cleanser, Kiehls Dark-Spot Serum, Clinique Eye Cream and REN Vita Mineral Moisturiser.

Most days I’ll pop on some light make-up and get dressed. I shared this routine in a recent YouTube video here.

After that I will have my breakfast which is almost always a bowl of Bran Flakes.

Lifestyle Blogger

Now fed I will head straight to my home office and before I start work I will write my to-do list for the day. I have a long weekly list that I tend to write either Sunday night or Monday morning. Then each day I will reassess progress, add any other work that comes up during the week and re-prioritise where necessary.

twinings freshly picked tea

Finally, I take a moment to enjoy a cup of my favourite Twinings tea whilst checking my social media. On this occasion I picked the DELICIOUS root of ginger infusion which is true morning pep in a mug.

Checking my social takes a little while as there’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to go through. I might even treat myself to a little Pinterest session.

Now I feel prepped, refreshed and ready to work hard for the rest of the day.

checking my social media

That’s my morning routine at the moment! What helps helps you get motivated in the mornings?


this post is in collaboration with Twinings. as always thoughts, words, and opinions are my own. thank you so much for supporting rosalilium.