My Week in Pictures

We took a leisurely walk along the South Bank in London where we stumbled across this lovely installation created by young people from Stockwell Park Estate in Lambeth as part of an ongoing social project originating in Rio De Janiero. It was really cool, and there were some lovely little message written on the bricks.

bricks miniature london

We scraped some money together to treat ourselves to some dinner at a local restaurant. But I was disappointed to find this to be my Fish Stew. It was less stew and more tomato sauce thrown over some bitter clams and white fish. Not tasty in the slightest. And mightily disheartening when you spend precious pennies on it.

fish stew
You know you need to do the washing-up when you resort to using a dessert spoon to stir your cup of tea in the morning.

bran flakes
And you know you need to start a healthy-eating regime when this becomes your idea of lunch for the day. I went out for biscuits and came back with this stash of junk food. It was most certainly a 10 year-old’s idea of lunch.

junk food
However, by the weekend I managed to resuscitate my culinary skills and whipped up another Southeast Asian feast for my family. I will blog the recipes for in the near future. It was delicious if I do say so myself.

thai prawns thai food
Hope you have all had a lovely week.x.

  1. It is a bit heartbreaking when you are on a budget, ans splash out on food that is disappointing isn't it.

    Your own food looks spectacular, I look forward to the recipes.

  2. nice collection of photos, i can totally relate to the dessert spoon in your tea and piles of junk food from the local shop hehe. i'm so sorry that fish stew turned out to be horrible! it always sucks when a meal you've paid for turns out terrible, especially when you have hardly any money 🙁 hopefully next time will be better!

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