Nature Valley New Granola Bars

Nature Valley must have been reading my mind, and my belly, when they made the new Oats & Hazelnuts crunchy granola bars. They are incredibly more-ish and perfect to snack on when I’m on a low ebb.
The lovely people at Nature Valley sent me the two new crunchy granola bars – Oats & Hazelnuts, and  Oats & Berries. My favourite is the Hazelnuts one as I am a nutty fiend. My brother, on the other hand was a fan of the Berries variety. So I guess it’s a matter of whatever you fancy?! In fact, I enjoyed the granola bars so much that I finished them all before I had a chance to photograph them. Ooops.
  1. In terms of a review it would have been nice to have had a little more info about the bars. What's the RRP? Are they packs of two or one? How long did they fill you up for? What was the consistency like (chewy, crunchy, crumbly, teeth-shattering)?

    I do love the blog though. Keep it up!

  2. Hi VR, thanks for the comment.
    In response to your questions:
    – there are 2 granola bars per pack. they are quite thin but packed with oats so rather filling.
    – the consistency is crunchy.
    – the taste is sweet, oaty and nutty.
    – sorry, I do not know the exact RRP, but I could hazard a guess at a couple of quid.

    They were really yummy so they are certainly on my snack list.

    Hope that answers your questions. 😀


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