New Favourite Magazine: The Simple Things

the simple things magazine

I pre-ordered a new magazine, The Simple Things, a while ago. It took no longer than two minutes of reading the marketing spiel for me to make the decision to lay down my five pounds for three issues of this brand spanking new magazine. And for weeks since then I have been eagerly checking my letterbox on a daily basis hoping for my new reading matter to arrive. I was put out of my misery yesterday when this delightful magazine finally arrived and I could settle down with a nice cup of tea to enjoy a good read.

The Simple Things aims to ’embrace the simpler life’ as it so handily states on the first front cover. That is, this magazine seeks to celebrate life’s little pleasures. Focusing on lifestyle and the home, The Simple Things offers a pared down but inviting perspective on food, interiors, gardening, design and people. The magazine is aimed at people like myself, who enjoy surrounding themselves with pretty finds, who like to indulge in delicious interesting foods, and take pleasure in the simplest of activities (like the impromptu picnic I had during my lunchtime today, yey!).

The magazine is loosely arranged into three sections – Dawn, Day and Dusk – in a way almost offering a gentle nudge of inspiration into a timeframe.

The magazine reminds me of my favourite blogs, in fact some familiar names crop up like Sandra Juto, maker of Wrist Worms, or photographer Susannah Conway. There are wish list pages featuring all the pretty things you might want for your home. There is a city tour of Berlin, one of my favourite cities. There is a feature on cheese, which I quickly skipped over (yuk). And there is a feature on ‘The Collector’ – what looks like the start of a series which, as an an enthusiastic collector of STUFF, I am quite excited about. This month was a Collector of radios.

I also really enjoyed the gardening and nature articles as it is something I have always liked the idea of but never have a clue where to start. My favourite piece is the ‘Trees on An Autumn Walk’. It is an illustrated identifier of English trees you might find on your weekend walks. It’s a wonderful idea.

So, I can happily report that I thoroughly enjoyed The Simple Things. It is the kind of magazine that offers an escape. The kind of magazine that allows you to enjoy the moment of being snuggled up on your sofa under your favourite blanket with a hot steaming cup of tea and a couple of digestive biscuits to keep you company. The Simple Things is exactly what is says on the tin – it offers a simple pleasure of reading a magazine, but encourages you to make a moment of it and enjoy it. Not a quality I find in the majority of other mags in the local newsagent. The Simple Things seeks to celebrate slowing down and enjoying the details. The Simple Things is a magazine you would be proud to leave on your coffee table.

Plus, any magazine that devotes a page to eating nutella on a fresh piece of bread has to be a winner in my books.