New Season, New Style

spring outfit

For the longest time I had my style down. That is, I knew what mattered to me sartorially speaking. I was a huge lover of florals, bright colours, clashing prints, pretty dresses. I felt comfortable, safe, knowing when I wore these outfits.

Yet, over the past year or so I faced a growing sense of dissatisfaction. Boredom. Irritability when faced with my wardrobe. I no longer felt at ease with pulling together an outfit. I was uncomfortable.

Once we had moved into our new house I had the mammoth task of sifting through years of clothes that I had collected along the way. There were bags upon bags of beautiful dress that I could no longer wear now that I’ve gone up a dress size.

There were also way to many bags of clothes I simply had no intention nor desire to wear ever again.

As our home is cosy and restrictive on storage space I have had to face my wardrobe challenges head on. I’ve made strong, harsh and difficult decisions to cut the clothes that just didn’t do it for me anymore.

The result?

A seriously diminished wardrobe.

At once this was both liberating and somewhat scary.

Not to mention impractical as I had huge gaps of clothes and basics that I desperately needed.

And so, with a new perspective on taste and body shape to think about I have begun to embark on a new journey into fashion and style.

It is incredibly exciting.

where do we go from herebaggy ASOS topseven eighths trousers oasis

For the first time in a very long time I am excited to experiment with clothes. I am trying out new shapes, silhouettes and styles I ignored for so long. I am learning new ways to wear clothes. I am rediscovering my body. I am spending time thinking about my look from whole new perspectives.

It’s an experience I hadn’t planned for and has been totally organic. But it’s fulfilling my creativity and nourishing a desire for newness.

For many years I religiously only wore dresses believing they were the only items of clothing that really suited me. That could be comfortable.

Loose top with capri pants

Over the past few months I’ve been wearing jeans and trousers, enjoying a new silhouette. This week I’ve ordered some over-sized tops from ASOS to pair with my skinny jeans and capri pants from Oasis.

I sometimes worry it might look a bit ‘mumsy’. And yet, here I am feeling confident, happy and pretty. Even if it’s a more masculine look than my florals and dresses of before.

cream loose top ASOS


Have you ever fallen into a style rut? What got you out of it?


  1. I worry to about look like a mother but I guess it is just the older I get the more I feel a different style that perhaps it is just about being 30 and not about procreation!

  2. This is definitely me over the last few months, my style was similar you yours, I loved vintage floral dresses, but since having Fin and getting a bit older I feel like I want to change. I have a new capsule wardrobe but having a session with an online stylish soon so excited about that! Love your top and sandals.

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