Next Lingerie: Best Bra Fitting I’ve Ever Had

Last month I was invited along to a special press event at my local Next store in the Birmingham Bullring shopping centre. It was specifically aimed at launching their lingerie range. A range that, to be totally honest, I had no idea existed. And so, it was of interest to me to find out what Next had to offer. After all bra-shopping is up there with jeans-shopping for me – a total nightmare of not really knowing what size or shape to get and every shop measuring up differently and usually ending in tears.

So off I trotted to Birmingham with my friend Amelia (I vlogged a bit of our evening here on RosaliliumExtra, my vlog channel) for the Next lingerie event.

Result? Oh my word! I learned so much.

It’s not often I get my notes app at out and type away furiously like that, but there Next ladies were so generous with their knowledge. They explained not only the details of the Next lingerie offerings but also gave us some detailed advice on how a bra should really fit.

Not only did they fill my brain with knowledge but I was invited to have a proper bra fitting there. Something I’ not generally keen on. In fact, most British women don’t get measured as often as they should. For instance, I told them I was last measured about 5 years ago and I was promptly told that actually we should be getting measured at least every 6 months because women’s bodies can change so much. In fact, it’s worth getting measured at different points in your cycle as your bra size can change quite dramatically when it’s time of the month.

Phoebe Next Lingerie

How To Find A Bra That Fits

The support in a bra comes from the wings (or the sides) not from the straps as many of us believe

The straps should not be doing the work

The straps need to sit just so and not too tight that the back rides up

The back needs to sit straight in the middle of the back

The cup should not gape nor should it dig into the boob

Measuring should be done without a tape measure, that method is not reliable.

A plunge shape generally suits narrower shoulders

A balcony shape generally suits broader shoulders

A good fitting bra provides the structure for your outfit.

The measuring process

Next staff are trained to look at your boob needs individually. I went into the changing room and stripped my top half down to my bra. My fitter came into the changing room to look at how the current bra I was wearing fitted, she asked questions around the size, make, the fit or look I was after and how I like it to feel. She went away and came back with the sizes and shapes she recommended. We then tried them on until I found one I liked.

The previous bra I wore was both the wrong back and cup size. Ooops.

Interestingly I chose a balcony shaped bra. I have never considered choosing that shape before following a trying-on session about 15 years ago when it just looked weird on me. Of course, in hindsight I was considerably smaller then so that might make a difference.

It’s worth trying on a range of shapes as they all create different silhouettes.

Next shapewear

Next Lingerie

Next offers high-quality lingerie at a range of price points that start pretty affordable. The entry price point is £10. They stock bras up to size GG. They often have multi-buy offers so good to check out if you get measured and need a whole new stash of bras.

They also offer high-end silk and lace options which I think are stunning. I’ve been browsing the catalogue recently and bookmarking the next few pieces I want to invest in.

Oh, and ALL of their bras are machine washable, so top points for that Next!

My favourite bit of this Next range is that the bra shapes are named. So once you’ve been in for a measure and trying on session to find your favourite you can mark down that shape so that when future fabrics or colourways come into stock you know the shape to pick. Or maybe you can let your significant other that you’re a ‘Phoebe’ or ‘Lizzie’ when writing your Christmas list. *wink* *wink*

Next Lingerie Loungewear

It’s well worth checking out the Next lingerie brochure, there’s also some pretty snazzy nightwear and loungewear in there and I love the look of the shapewear. As I’m getting a little bulgy in the tummy these days I reckon I might invest in a few of those to go under my fitted outfits.

I went away from the event with a bra that finally fits me. It’s an utter revelation! After about 3 years or more of wearing a bra that is uncomfortable, poorly fitted and caused me to constantly fidget, it’s wonderful to wear a bra that sits just right. My boobs feel so snug! Mission accomplished, Next Lingerie you have won me over.

New fan here!

When was the last time you got measured? 

P.S. as much as I’d love to show you the results I’m just not that confident enough to get my bra out on the tinterwebs right now. But trust me, it’s a good bra.



  1. i hate bra fittings!

    Although after 2 weeks of seriously fluctuating weight (by about 2.5 stone up and down) ive gone from a 34GG to a 38D so i was definitely wearing the wrong size (albeit with a back extender!) I haven’t really seen much about next lingerie but my current favourite bra is an m&s super soft plunge and im always reluctant to wear any other because it is SO soft! might give next a try soon!

    1. I was always an M&S girl as well but it didn’t always sit right and the fitting was a bit hit and miss for me.
      Definitely pop along to Next when you have a chance to see what they come up with. They have a great range going up to GG so you might find something for you. 🙂

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