Outfit: Autumn Swing Dress

Hamming it up

When a BBC journalist drops you an email asking to interview you for a feature you generally say yes (see the feature here).

And when the BBC journalist requests relevant photos of you for the interview you generally have said photos at the ready. But nooooo…. we have to do everything the hard way.

So it was, we trundled off in Deborah the Van to find a nice local spot for a mini photoshoot.

And look what lovely local spots we have! This is a gorgeous mini lake, or pond rather, in Bournville. It’s full of dog walkers and overrun by geese. So once you avoid all the poo you’re ok!

We found a decent background, set-up the tripod and got Deborah the Van in position. Then it was a case of me running backwards and forwards until we got the right shot of us both. Needless to say, I was a little on the out-of-breath side afterwards, and this is why my hair looks so messy!

Here are the final results of our couple-y photos:

Elizabeth and Raj with Deborah The Van Elizabeth and Raj Awesome Wave

And then, of course, it made for a good opportunity to spin round and round in circles to get swishy hair photos. Yep.

Swing DressAutumn Floral DressDolly and Dotty Dress

The day before I had worn this outfit with my favourite hat and crochet shawl/cardigan thingiemajig to go on a first blogger date with my new friend Amelia from the fabulous blog xAmeliax. I have to say the dress was the perfect outfit for our coffee/shopping date and I’m pretty sure this little number will make lots of further appearances this Autumn.

The dress is from the Annie range at Dolly and Dotty and they are super-feminine 1950’s style swing style. The bodice is fitted and flares out at the waist into a full skirt. It’s exactly my kind of dress.

As for the colours, I’m so freaking excited for Autumn colours! Give me ALL the burnt oranges and reds. I feel like we missed out on a lot of Autumn activities last year as we were prepping to go to Thailand for the winter. But this year I intend to make full use of my favourite season.

And as the season goes on I will just add more and more layers to this dress.

Wearing the Autumn Floral Dotty and Dolly Dress

Outfit details:

  • Dress: c/o Dolly and Dotty
  • Boots: Debenhams (years ago) {similar here}
  • Tights: M&S
  • Bracelet: a market in Thailand

What are YOUR favourite Autumn trends?


  1. Such lovely photos of you both and such a gorge dress – am now checking out Dolly and Dotty over my mid morning coffee!


  2. Ooooh, I love this dress.
    I have to say my favourite thing about autumn is digging out my boots. I am a sucker for pumps and converse and boat shoes in the summer, but give me the slightest hint of autumn and I am pulling those boots out faster than you can say thick socks!

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