Outfit: Black and Blue

Black and Blue Dress

Apparently we are not supposed to black and blue together. They say it’s a clash. The colours might be a tad to similar for some. Well, I say ‘pooh, pooh’ to that. Rules are to be broken and this is a rule I very much enjoy breaking.

Spinning around

But before we go any further, let’s please talk about these most beautiful shoes!

Agnes and Norman Shoes

These, my friends, are the Evie shoe from Agnes and Norman – a vintage-inspired leather navy t-bar made with incredible soft leather and a delicate gold chain. They are so elegant to wear, feel insanely comfortable and just oooze old school glamour.

I can’t get over how excited I am about these shoes. It’s the kind of excitement where you get the box and then hide it in your wardrobe thinking you’ll save them only for special occasions. But today I realised that that’s just silly. Shoes like this shouldn’t be hidden away in a cupboard, they need to be celebrate and worn with pride. Why have such beautiful shoes if you don’t enjoy them as they are intended?!

Black and Blue Patterned Dress

Elizabeth Rosalilium

So lately there’s been a lot more talk about some of us ‘older’ bloggers. Well, by older, I mean not-20s. It was something that struck me a lot over the past year or so and I hit a moment of clarity when I was in Chiang Mai. I even wrote about regaining my confidence doing outfit posts in March when I got back. I even decided to try getting back into lifestyle-type videos on my Rosalilium YouTube channel and made a video about whether there was a place for 30+ year olds there.

The response has been amazing and heartening to know that there are so many of us thinking the same thing. There seems to be a general buzz and possible tipping point for older bloggers.

Taking a step further Hayley from London Beauty Queen decided to put together a list of 30+ bloggers which proved so popular that she has quickly turned said list into a blog collective, website and more. It’s called The 30Plus Blog Collective and the aim is to provide a space for bloggers that reach beyond the youth-obsessed media and society.

I guess that’s what blogging was all about int the first place; it was about sharing a unique perspective and individual voice. Over time as blogs were monetised and bloggers became famous the younger folks tended to be the ones finding that elevation. But instead of trying to emulate that we need to carry on celebrating what our lifestyle, desires and needs are. They make blogging such a fantastic medium to be a part of.

Detail on the DressGirl wearing glasses

So with that in mind, I’m in my thirties and proud!

Outfit details:

  • Dress : c/o George at Asda
  • Tights : M&S
  • Bracelet: Market in Thailand
  • Shoes : c/o Agnes & Norman


  1. I LOVE this outfit on you, the dress is lovely and the shoes are beautiful! I don’t care if black and blue is a faux pas, I love them together

    Maria xxx

  2. As usual, the 20-somethings seem to think they invented blogging and that it’s all about them. I’m 46, I’ve been blogging for almost a decade (and vlogging now, too) and the most interesting blogs I read are written by people who are 50+. Shocker alert (*tone of sarcasm adopted there*), there are even bloggers and vloggers out there who are over 60!! So forgive me if I giggle a little bit at you calling yourself an ‘older blogger’, Elizabeth! The internet is a huge and amazing place, and there is room for everybody, a niche for us all. Absolutely no offence intended by this comment, I love both your blog and your two YT channels. Just wanted to point out being over 30 doesn’t make you ‘old’! 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you Caroline. I don’t think I’m old at all but it does feel that a lot of media is geared towards the teens and twenties and once you hit 30 you’re considered old. We seem to live in such an age-obsessed society that thinks only the young can be stylish, on trend or forward thinking. I guess by talking about age I’m trying to show that age really doesn’t matter at all. If that makes sense?

  3. Woo for 30 plus bloggers! Love this outfit on you – I’m all about breaking the rules about what colours ‘should’ go together! And dreamy shoes, love a bit of Agnes & Norman! x

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