Outfit: Edgy Victoriana

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Sometimes you just need to dash outside in between the bursts of rain to skip in puddles and marvel at the sky’s reflection in the tarmac.

This black and blue outfit is one of my current go-to’s for the autumn-to-winter season. If it’s particularly chilly I might chuck a scarf over it and maybe a cardi under the jacket. Tis all about the layers, innit!

Winter dress

But despite the super short days of limited sunlight (hello S.A.D. my old friend!) there is something rather marvellous about that low winter sun. It casts a familiar and striking glow on the world around us. I find it most endearing.

Mode Pelle Boots

Black and blue outfit

I’ve recently taken to posing with my left hand pointing outwards. Something about being engaged and loved up means I must communicate such happiness at every single opportune moment possible.

Blue dress and leather jacketElizabeth Rosaliliumjust before the rain

Last night the rain and wind was so fierce I thought there were strangers trying to break into our house. I kept waking up every few hours to check my house was ok. I’m so silly! But I love this house so much. We’ve already lost a few fence panels in the garden due to the inclement weather of late. Here’s hoping it eases of again soon. I’m desperate for some proper sleep. Something about winter means I feel the need to get ALL THE REST possible. I guess that’s the hibernation instinct isn’t it?

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  1. Ah, this is JUST beaautiful!! I love this dress- I bought two Victoriana sweaters from Miss Selfridge a few years ago and they are just some of my favourite garments- Victoriana always comes back doesn’t it! I’d love to see the top detailing more (hidden by your lovely hair!)
    I had to tell you, that I was playing a concert on Saturday and this new violinist turned up to play and I kid you not, she was the spitting image of you!!!! I kept staring at her- I knew it wasn’t you buy wondered if she was a sibling. I went up and asked her if she had a sister called Elizabeth but she was an only child!!! Seriously, couldn’t believe the resemblance- I would have asked to take a picture to show you if I didn’t think she’d think I was a weirdo!!!!

    P.S. I have a favour to ask- I’ve entered Lady Vintage’s competition to style one of their dresses and send in a photo and if you liked my picture best out of the entries, I’d love it if you felt able to vote for me by liking my picture! Cheeky, I know, but I really want to win- never won anything like that before and I’d the support of my lovely blog friends. I’m the first one wearing the pink floral dress if you felt able to ‘like’ it for me on Facebook?  Here’s the link:

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