Outfit: Mint and Silver Sari (The Story of Love)

This weekend I went to my very first Indian wedding. It was the boyf’s best mate getting married to the love of his life and I was very fortunate to be invited. Being in a steady relationship with an Indian guy means there are certain customs that I will be incorporating into my life, one such thing will be wearing Indian dress to special occasions. At Indian weddings pretty much all the women wear Indian clothes such as Sari’s or Punjabi suits. And so, on Saturday I had the honour of being wrapped into a the enormous piece of fabric that makes a Sari by the boyf’s Mum. It was a very special moment indeed and the look of pride on the boyf’s face when he saw me dressed made me want to wear a Sari EVERY day.

mint and silver sari

Of course I was totally paying attention throughout the whole of the ceremony at the temple, and not checking out what all the other ladies were wearing. (My goodness, sitting cross-legged for two hours was tricky – better get my yoga on!). My observations concluded that I need big ornate earrings, more bangles and ideally one of those gorgeous forehead jewellery thingiemajigs. The more jingly-jangly the better. It’s so fun!


We chose the mint Sari with silver embellishment as it contrasted nicely with my bright red hair and pale complexion.ย  I paired it with a some silver wedges and the boyf’s Mum adorned me with lots of bangles. To finish the look I wore a bhindi to match. The wonderful thing about wearing a Sari is how heavy all the fabric feels. It kind of makes you walk with purpose and confidence. And I was wrapped up so tight with safety pins, I felt quite snug too.


Luckily, I already had my nose pierced when I met the boyf, so I totally fit in with the other Indian ladies. Yes.

the happy couple

And the snapshot for the family album…

It was an absolute honour to accompany the boyf to his best friend’s wedding and I now envisage the start of a beautiful collection of Sari’s.