Outfit: Obsessed With Boyfriend Jeans

Fat Face Boyfriend Jeans

Rocking the super-casual look at the mo. These past two weeks have been beyond manic with work-y stuff so I’m mostly living in jeans, leggings and even sneaking into my fave men’s pyjama bottoms for ultimate slouchy times. I guess that a perk of working from home!

I am bordering obsessed with boyfriend jeans these days. Not only are they comfier than skinny jeans, I like the silhouette they create.

Boyfriend jeans can be tricky to style and sometimes I do end up in mom-jeans territory. For the most part it works best to offset the bagginess with a tighter/skinnier illusion elsewhere. That is why I mostly roll them up to show my legs are actually slimmer than the baggy boyfriend jeans would have you think.

Most of the time I live in my Gap boyfriend jeans (seen in this post here) but Fat Face got in touch to ask me try out and review their offering.

elizabeth sunshine

Fat Face Womens Clothes

Yeah … only when editing these photos have I realised I’ve missed a tag on the jeans, ooops! It’s such a sneaky tag; I’ve been wearing these boyfriend jeans for two weeks now and never noticed them.

Anyway, the fit of the jean is quite slouchy, as to be expected with a boyfriend cut. They’re flattering enough, I think, especially with the legs rolled up a few times. But they do flatten my bum a little. I think I like them best from the front. (Worth bearing in mind that I do have a big bum so this can happen with some cuts of jeans).

Jewellery Box necklace

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this adorable necklace.

Made Well Worn Well

I do like this detail on the shirt, ‘made well, worn well’.

Fat Face ShirtFacing the sun

I’m one of those people that wears sunglasses all year round as I have the most sensitive eyes ever! But at the same time I’m forever losing or scratching them. So recently I’ve been restocking on sunglasses to get me through the next few seasons.

Thankfully the guys at Sundried sent me these gorgeous tortoise-shell framed sunnies to try out. They’re a new brand with a some really exciting stock to launch soon. Gauging how many compliments I’ve had on these sunglasses I’m thinking they’ll do very well indeed.

Casual outfit of the day

Outfit details:

What are you favourite cut of jeans?

Do boyfriend’s do it for you? Or they just to boy-ish for you?

Photos by Average Chap


  1. I was highly surprised when I googled Boyfriend Jeans, to find out there were a style of jeans I had never heard of. lol

    I guess I need to be more fashion savvy. You look great in the jeans and shirt.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. You really wear these jeans well. I’ll have to stick with my skinny jeans/jeggings for the moment as they give the illusion that I’m slimmer than I actually am, I fear I would look like a hippo with anything wider.

  3. I love boyfriend jeans although my last pair got a bit worn and wrecked, so I’m now back in trusty bootcut or straight (no skinny for me – fat legs, it’d be like encasing sausages. I am liking the newer girlfriend jeans fit although I’ve not bought any – they ones I’ve seen I’ve not found in my size yet. (plus I have way too many pairs of jeans anyway)

  4. I absolutely love boyfriend jeans. They look great especially on the days that you want to look like you’ve made more effort than you have. They look fab on you Lovely xoxo

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