Outfit: Oversized Vintage Jumper and Striped Skirt

This vintage men’s jumper has a many outings this winter. There is something about the freezing cold that makes over-sized snuggly woollies an essential. Plus I can hide a gazillion layers of clothes underneath without resembling too much of a Michelin Man.

And this skirt is my new favourite. It was dead cheap from H&M and is black and white stripes, which I enjoy so much. Now fashion laws, or lore, state that horizontal stripes are fattening and with a rather ample butt and wide hips I probably should be slimming down the bottom half. But I say poo-poo to your fashion laws, this skirt is rad. “I. Like. Big. Butts…and I cannot lie….”

outfit vintage jumper stripe skirtvintage orange jumpervintage orange jumper and stripe hm skirt(Outfit – Jumper: Vintage, Skirt: H&M)


I really should get my fringe trimmed. But I’m just not a fan of hairdressers, they scare me. I’m worried they’ll chop too much off and I’ll look like a right numpty. I know, I know, split ends are not attractive…I’ll get an appointment booked soon.