Outfit: Owl Dress

There was a scene in the tv show ‘The Phone Shop’ where the characters were referring to a women’s tattoo on her back as “a owl” – at the time I thought this was hilarious and I guess context was a large part of that. But ever since then I find it impossible to talk about owls without referring them as ‘a owl’. It’s quite ridiculous really. But it makes me chuckle.

Owl Dress Outfit

Bird motifs on dresses don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And I’m ok with that. I like prints and I like birds. I particularly like owls. And I’ve decided that this dress is an owl print dress. So I’m a happy lass indeed.


I wore this outfit at the weekend for a quick trip to the cinema and a bite to eat with the boyf. We went to see ‘About Time’, the new Richard Curtis movie. It was a rather lovely film actually, it had a feel-good quality to it. Of course it had the usual enviable homes that us English folk apparently inhabit – I wish! But the relationship between a father and son was played out really well. It was a nice change from the usual bravado often found in the Hollywood movies. I liked the sensitivity of the film. So yes, I recommend it!


Outfit – Blazer : H&M (last year) // Jumper : Vintage // Dress : Joe Browns // Bag : Vintage // Brooch : gift // Tights : M&S // Boots : New Look (last year)

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