Outfit: Sparkly Sweater Time

Apparently I’m not allowed to talk about Christmas yet. Whaaaa?! My Christmas jumper is banging on the wardrobe door trying to get out. I love it, I want it, I need it!!!! Oh, ok then. I’ll settle for a sparkly sweater instead. Because sequins are for life, not just for Christmas. And oh look! I’m wearing jeans again on the blog. Crazy shiz here. What IS happening?

Sweater Detail

So whilst the storm was battering the South coast of England and preventing the boyf from getting into London for work, I was enjoying some balmy autumn sunshine. Look at it! It’s so bright!


So still enjoying these Fever jeans that I have been trialling. I’m not sure if I’ll be a full-on jeans convert but it’s quite fun to rock a different look. This is my attempt at casual sports luxe. I mean, there’s a sweater involved and everything. Although my sweater has sequins all down the shoulders. It’s sparkly and shiny and all things rad. I think this sweater can totally go onto the seasonal wardrobe rotation.


This was my happy face because the boyf was working from home so I got to see his face all day! I like his face. His face is rad. Although I thought working from home meant we got to hang out doing cool stuff, but noooooo, he’s far too busy and important so he did ACTUAL work. Hmph. We did however get a change of scenery and worked from our local coffee shop in the afternoon. Co-working in coffee shops is totally where all the cool kids are at. I want to do that ALL the time.

The coffee shop of choice was Starbucks, which was fine. Although I do tend to prefer indie coffee shops where possible. In Milton Keynes there seems to be a dearth of indie anything, let alone coffee shops. Shame.

Still, a chai latter and lemon slice later it was pleasant to be working on our laptops together. I managed to sneak off to the shops to get some delicious dinner in and we picked up some chip-shop chips on the way home to go with our chicken. Dinner last night was rad.

  • Outfit Details
  • Sweater – c/o Zalando
  • Skinny Jeans – c/o Fever
  • Boots – Faith (similar here)
  • Ring – Primark (similar here)


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