Outfit: The Interview

Phew, it has been a busy week so far and it’s only half done. On Monday I had an interview which was a little nerve-wracking and guessing what looks appropriate is so hard. I choose this sheer blouse and pencil skirt combo paired with my nude high heels. The colours are understated but the sleeves on the blouse are huge and billowy adding that individual touch I like. Although, I’m so sure on the super-opaque tights. Do they detract a little?
(Blouse – Primark, Skirt – ASOS, Shoes – Next, Ring – Accessorize)
The outfit was a success, I had a compliment from the receptionist when I arrived for the interview and the interviewer than complimented my blouse as I left. Maybe they will hire me to be shopping buddies with them? Maybe….
The sunshine has been a wonderful pick-me-up this week and the temperatures are definitely pushing themselves towards mild. The extra vitamin D is doing me wonders. This week I am looking after a poorly boyf, packing up the Southampton flat, working on a gazillion job applications and doing some research. Someone make me a cuppa will ya? I’m swamped.
In case you missed it, yesterday I wrote a couple of posts for International Women’s Day 
 – one was for the In Her Own Words series 
and the other was a video of me reading the ‘My Short Skirt’ monologue from The Vagina Monologues. 
I would love to know what you think.


  1. Elizabeth, you look gorgeous and very professional. I like the tights, sheers would have looked a bit wrong. LOVE that blouse.

  2. Your outfit looks great! I especially like the blouse-it is so pretty. 🙂 Just found your blog-hope you have a good day! ~Natalie

  3. LOve the outfit and think the opaques were a good touch and worked because of the dark colour of your amazing blouse.

  4. If 2 people commented on your outfit – it means you shall be remembered! I got the job I have now on the basis that 1)a green bag I used and 2) the fact that I had my hair in a bun by my ear. Best of luck! 🙂

  5. I know I'm a bit late with this comment (only just got round to catching up on the blogs that I follow), but I just had to say that you look amazing! The outfit looks absolutely gorgeous on you 🙂

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