Outfit: Winter Orange and Teal

There is nothing like a big woolly jumper to make you feel happy in the winter. Thankfully it is rather mild out at the moment, so I was able to get without a coat here. Although I wouldn’t be keen to stay out for long without my layers. This vintage orange jumper is my current favourite winter warmer, I wear it constantly. And yesterday my birthday present to myself arrived from Tatty Devine, new earrings!

Sorry about the first image, all of the full length pictures are out of focus, and I’ve only just realised. Doh! That’s shivering in the cold for ya!

full photo of outfitOutfit – Jumper:Vintage, Skirt:Ebay, Tights:New Look, Boots:New Look, Earrings:Tatty Devine)

portrait of outfitI received some money at Christmas from relatives, so I popped into New Look last week on a whim. To my surprise I found 3 pairs of shoes for a total of £27. Amazing! And they are all really comfortable too, so double hoorah indeed. These boots are one of these pairs. I love them, and they are exactly the casual boots I’ve been looking for.
I love blue and brown together. I have a feeling it is one of those fashion ‘don’t’s but breaking rules is one of my favourite things.

Have you had any successful January Sales buys yet? Do share on your successes.