Spa Review: Birmingham Marriott, West Midlands

A few weeks back I was invited to try out the Day Spa at the Marriott Hotel in Birmingham with Experience Days. With all the craziness that has been going on in my life lately I would totally benefit from a spot of relaxation and switch-off so I leapt at the offer!

It was a snowy old day when I trundled up to the Marriott. It’s located on the Five Ways island in Birmingham, which is handy. I wandered in just before 11 ready for my appointment and found that they had absolutely no idea I was coming. Argh!!! My heart sank, I was gutted. I had psyched myself up for this well-deserved moment of indulgence and now it was not to be?

There had been some error along the way, no-one was quite sure where the fault lay but they were super-nice at rectifying the problem. They got me booked in for later in the afternoon and I could chill out by the pool. Only one problem, the pool and jacuzzi was out of order. Noooooo!!!!! Again, gutted.

They assured me they would have called me if they actually had me down in the system, there was no way they would let somebody come for a spa day without half of the spa working. They offered me some free drinks and lunch as an apology and assured me that it was getting fixed.

At the Marriott

I couldn’t be upset with them, they were being really honest and helpful about it. And you know, sometimes things break. It wasn’t their fault. Luckily an engineer came and fixed it all so I did get to enjoy a bit of the pool and jacuzzi along with a few minutes in the steam room. I can never last that long in those things!

The lunch was served on the loungers by the pool. It was nice enough, a chicken mayo sandwich with a side of chorizo (I can’t help myself if chorizo is on offer!). Maybe a little bit pricy so be warned.

The treatment was a massage, which was rather vigorous. It definitely woke my muscles up! And I felt a lot more chilled out.

All in all, it was not a bad way to spend an afternoon, particularly when feeling stressed.

I had intended to take more photos but ended up concentrating on relaxing too much, oops! I promise to be a better blogger next time!