My little bro and I.
We found a photobooth.


  1. Hahahaha, that's amazing.

    Did you ever watch Ready or Not(on Nickelodeon)? The titles for it are the two main characters mucking about in a photobooth, this automatically made me think of it.

  2. You found a photo booth!? And youre in Scotland! Where exactly? Ive been so jealous seeing all of our cousins in the states with their beautious photobooth lovlies. Im a little too excited right now!

    You and your brother are absolutely adorable! I think i may have an ever so slightly, itty bitty little crush on him!


  3. Well Steph, he is single at the moment…but alas, we don't live in Scotland. I am based in Worcestershire.

    And unfortunately, Lisa-Marie, I never had Nickelodeon as a child so I am not familiar with it, but anything that includes photobooths is awesome.

    The photobooth is at Hollywood Bowl in Rubery.

  4. You've got to love your siblings! What would we do without them! Thanks so much for the chocs…. I haven't been home all weekend but managed to craze! I will mention in a blog post this week. Thanks again x

  5. So, I pretty much think I need to be your new best friend. Thank you for your tips on heading out to London. No joke, yesterday I said to myself "I just want to get a bunch of vintage dresses with lots of lace and wear them when I go to England and Scotland." Then I took a peek at your blog and instantly knew I found a kindred spirit. Thank you!

  6. Ms Branflake, I am glad to have been of help. You must be so excited for your trip. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time – lace, vintage and Britishness – it will be rad.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

  7. I LOVE photobooths, but I have never seen one here in Birmingham! Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough. You guys look like you're having such fun!

    x Michelle |

  8. Dammit Elizabeth! I think I just decide that anyone who's blog isnt covered with dollar signs is Scottish.

    Im now on the hunt for both a photobooth and a cute guy to go in it with me!

    Fun times!

  9. darn it, had just written a lengthy (yet not boring) comment and pressed the wrong command and lost it all…just to say that those photobooths with strips of pics are so hard to find, and they bring back so many memories. Loved this short yet funny post xxx

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