Picking the Perfect Party Frock

***It is Christmas Cheer Week on ROSALILIUM and we have some very special guests to come and celebrate with us. Today Emily from Emily Jayne is sharing her tips for finding the perfect party frock.***

The festive season is upon us, and most of us girls find ourselves with at least one glam party to go to over the coming month. Hurrah for parties! What isn’t quite so nice, however, is the ensuing panic over picking the ‘perfect’ party frock. How often do we all rush out and buy something in a hurry, and end up feeling like it is somehow not quite right?

Well, never fear, I am here to help you pick out a party dress that will flatter your figure. So, take a look at yourself in the mirror, work out which shape describes you best, and get shopping!

River Island

Bottom Heavy

You may describe yourself as a pear or triangle shape. Your hips are wider than your shoulders, or you carry a little more weight around the bottom area than you do the top! The trick to the perfect party dress for you is to find something in a soft fabric that will skim over the curves of your hips and bottom, making sure you don’t feel restricted. The other top tip for bottom heavy shapes is to look for dresses with lots of detailing or sparkle on the top half, like this sparkly lovely from River Island, and this will draw the eye upwards, helping to even out your proportions.


Top Heavy

You have shoulders that are wider than your slim hips, or a much larger bust than your bottom half, giving you a ‘top heavy’ appearance. To find the best party dress for you look for something that has detailing or structure on the bottom half, whilst being very simple and close fitting on the top half. The feather detail on this fabulous ASOS dress will ‘fill you out’ in all the right places!

River Island


Lucky you! You are a curvy lady with hips in proportion to your bust and shoulders and a well defined waist. The main rule for you is that you must, must, must show off your fabulous waist as it is the key to your feminine figure! This fab prom dress from River Island is nipped in at the waist and has a lovely big bow to draw attention to your best feature.


Straight Up and Down

You may feel like you have a ‘boyish’ figure, lacking in curves, or you may just be lacking in waist definition, with your shoulders, waist and hips all being a similar size. The fabulous thing about your figure is that you wear structure and tailoring fabulously – look for shift type styles like this number from topshop, and also a peplum detail can be a fab way of creating some curves.




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