Picnic in the Garden

Picnic in the Garden
Quite possibly one of my favourite things to do in the whole wide world ever is to have a picnic. LOVE picnics. I’ll find any excuse to have a picnic, come rain or shine, inside or out… I’ve had picnics in cars (old school post here), picnics in the living room, and of course, a traditional outdoor picnic.

Sometimes I’ll go old school and have picnic perched on a gorgeous collection of rugs on the grass of some pretty, and other times I’ll cheat and go for a picnic table with chairs or a bench.


The other day is was rather balmy, much like it is today. So we decided that a quickie picnic was the order of the day to make the most of the elusive sunshine we’ve had this past month. I grabbed a board and filled it with crackers, meats, dips and cheese (for the boyf).

I had a good excuse to get the picnic out as well. I’d just been sent a bunch of samples of crackers to try. Hoorah! We’re always on the lookout for new additions to our picnic repertoire.


So the new crackers we tried were from two brands – Kallo sent us some of their new corn rice cakes (details here) and some dark chocolate covered rice cakes (details here). And Thomas J. Fudge sent us a some charcoal hearts crackers (details here) and seeded spelt crackers (details here).

Charcoal Hearts

I’ve never tried charcoal flavoured food before, not that I remember anyway, and was rather wary of these charcoal hearts. But actually, they were really more-ish! Look cute, tasty yum – great combination. I was eating these with a dollop of onion jam but I think they’re supposed to be paired with cheese.

Chocolate Rice Cakes

My other favourite was the dark chocolate covered rice cakes. Again, really surprising and not something I would have thought to buy. They are slightly sweet but not too much. I guess a nice light sweet note to a picnic. And as I generally prefer savoury flavours these days this was just the right amount for me.

Crackers Rice Cakes Cheese and Meats

All in all, a rather tasty and successful picnic lunch. I highly recommend you give a picnic a go whilst the weather is playing ball!